Chinese telecommunication and mobile manufacturing company Huawei has planned applied to trademark its OS named Hongmeng. The company is aiming to get a trademark license for the OS in at least nine countries and Europe too. A report from the UN has mentioned the details about this trademark filing.

Huawei Plans to Launch Their Own OS After Feud with the US

Alphabet is a company based out in America and this company provided Android OS to Huawei. But as the company blacklisted from doing business with any US-based companies, Huawei has planned to have its own OS with the name Hongmeng.

Huawei Applies to Trademark Hongmeng Mobile OS Across the Globe
Huawei Applies to Trademark Hongmeng Mobile OS Across the Globe

The company has filed for its trademark in Canada, Cambodia, South Korea, and New Zealand. The company also filed an application in Peru on the 27th of May. Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei has stated that they already have a backup OS. He added that this backup OS will aid them in any emergency situations. As the emergency situation is already popped up, now the company is in plans to get the trademark license for their own OS.

This Hongmeng OS can be used for various applications, from mobiles to robots. The company has applied for Hongmeng approval last year and the Chinese government has already accepted it.

After China, the company filed for a trademark in Europe followed by South Korea. Trump Administration has added Huawei into the blacklist stating that there is a high-security threat due to this organization. They said that Huawei installs the backdoor systems which allows the Chinese government to spy on their citizens.

Huawei has strongly opposed these allegations but due the feud hasn’t been cooled down yet. The ban has already resulted in a geopolitical war between China and the US.

Huawei officials have declined to comment about this situation.


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