IDC, the market research firm has released the latest data of the wearable market for the first quarter of 2019. As usual, Apple has dominated the market with a good margin. But both Huawei and Samsung are bridging the gap in the market with their devices. A huge growth has been seen in the wearables markets of both companies. Apart from these, Xiaomi has also garnered huge growth this year.

Huawei’s Wearable Market Increased by 282% Compared To Last Year

The Huawei market has been increased with a wide margin when compared to last year sales. This year in the first quarter, the company managed to ship 5 million units of wearables across the globe. Apple shipped 12.8 million, Samsung-4.3 million and Xiaomi shipped 6.6 million units.

Huawei Witnessed Huge Growth in Wearables Market
Huawei Witnessed Huge Growth in Wearables Market

Fitbit was the last company in the top five and it shipped approximately 2.9 million wearables. The growth of all the companies is huge and in total all the companies are shipping 49.6 million units.

Apple’s market in China and India is declined and Huawei was able to get the second position in both the countries. Samsung is still trying harder to achieve the number one place but Huawei and Xiaomi are offering a great competition for the company.

The IDC Mobile Device Trackers research manager, Jitesh Ubrani stated that the absence of earphone jack in mobiles and increase in the usage of smart assistants in commercial and domestic places is the main reason for the increase in the growth of ear-worn wearables.

In the near future, these devices are going to make a huge difference in the market. The companies will tout these products at a large scale. He predicted that a day will come when people leave their smartphone behind and use the wearables for all tasks.


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