Huawei has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with African Union at  AU headquarters. According to this MoU, both Huawei and African Union will cooperate with each other in fields like 5G, AI and cloud computing. The MoU is aiming to establish an even closer information and cooperation exchange in between AU and Huawei.

Huawei and The AU are Planning to Work Closely to Digitize African Continent

Wang Dong, North Africa’s Huawei VP stated that this agreement has proven how much the AU trusts their company. He also ended the rumour called “AU Data breach.” Huawei is now committed to provide high-quality services to the AU and will be the strategic partner in the digitalization process of Africa.

Huawei Is Going to Bring 5G Into the Market Sooner Than Expected
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Quati, the Vice-President of the African Union Commission said that signing this MoU will improve the situations in African countries’ communication sector. This deal benefits the entire continent.

Africa is one of the most important parts in the digitalization of the world. According to the Deloitte based international accounting firm, by 2020 approximately 660 millions of Africans will have smartphones. According to the Global System for Mobile communications, the African smartphone market will witness 50% penetration.

Huawei has targeted the African market and is planning to improvise the communications there. The company has already improved the latest 5G technology and implementing it in Africa will surely yield some fruitful results. After facing the ban from US companies and other pressures from various countries, this MoU with Africa is a great opportunity for Huawei to grow stronger.

The MoU will benefit both African countries and Huawei and proper implementation matters a lot. Both parties will work closely to bring drastic changes in Africa.


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