Google said that it will bring new incognito mode in Google Maps for the users in I/O 2019. The company has already started this incognito mode for YouTube and now it is time for Google Maps. The search giant has already begun this feature for beta users. As of now, it has been released for some users who have been a part of the Google Beta testing program.

Some users have already shared their screenshots of these maps on various devices. This feature looks pretty cool. If you have Google Maps v10.26 up and running in your mobile then you can go into your profile and check whether you have this feature or not.

As of now only a handful of people have this feature running in their mobiles. The blue marker which says a particular location will turn into gray. On the top of the screen, you will see the “incognito mode on” prompt.

Google won’t Store Any Details in Incognito Mode

Google Maps incognito mode
(Image credit: Google / TechRadar)

Google won’t store any of the details that you enter via this incognito mode. It ensures that all the details are secured. The company won’t store browsing activity, updating locations, sharing the locations, or using any of your personal data for personalizing maps.

This incognito mode works on Android Auto too. This is a good thing for sure. This Google Maps Incognito Mode is going to give some privacy for the users who want to maintain anonymity while using Google maps.

The company might look at your movements but it won’t record them (which is a good thing). People who want to maintain privacy and don’t want to let other people know their movement can use this feature to the fullest. The availability of this feature to the public is still a question as of now.


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