To keep its platform safe for everyone, Instagram has added a number of tools over the years. Observing them being effective, the platform is now expanding deeper.

These include – Hidden Words, which automatically filters out the offensive words in comments, which can now check in story replies and in different local languages. Also, Instagram blocks the existing accounts of a person from reaching you when you block one of his accounts.

Instagram Safeguarding Tools

Instagram is one of the many platforms that are often accused of various privacy and security reasons. Though the platform is combating every new problem proactively, there’s still room for abusing each other on the platform.

Thus, to avoid that, Instagram is now expanding its existing safety tools to more sections of the platform and in more languages. Starting with Hidden Words – where Instagram automatically detects and hides offensive words in comments, is now expanding to Story replies too.

Also, it can now detect words with misspellings in Farsi, Turkish, Russian, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil languages. Instagram is keen on this feature as it has successfully filtered out 40% of the negative comments. So expanding it is obvious.

While it’s automatically enabled, creators can always decide on the settings and choose to disable it if wanted to know the community better. Further, Instagram will now block all the related profiles of a person – whom you’ve blocked to avoid him reaching you otherwise.

Previously, the platform used to block all the concerned profiles and all his forthcoming profiles (made on the same name/number) for a good experience. And finally, Instagram will expand the nudges – of warnings on potential bad language usage – to DMs and more languages.

Users will be asked to think before they message a creator, and nudge them in more languages as they understand, viz Arabic, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Chinese.


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