Instagram wants its shopping feature checked by hackers. As of now, the checkout feature is available for only US Instagram users and the company is planning on expanding it. Instagram already called out a group of security researchers and asked them to go through the feature. This shopping tool in Instagram has come in handy a lot of times. The users can purchase the items that they see on models directly by clicking on them.

Instagram Wants Hackers to Test its Shopping Feature
Instagram Wants Hackers to Test its Shopping Feature

The shopping stores have a great chance to market their product on the site directly. The users can also just click on the dress and buy it without leaving the app. Instagram brought this before customers way back in March.

Is Payment Gateway On Instagram is Secure?

Instagram previously said that the payment gateway feature on their app is secure and is encrypted. It also informed that they don’t give the payment details to the sellers either. But the company wanted to be double sure about this feature and security of the users. Hence, they got a group of white hat hackers to check the feature and find out any vulnerabilities that it has.

These white hat hackers will get an option to access the features before anyone else does. Facebook has also offered a whopping amount of $1.1 million for the researchers. Companies usually hire them to check any vulnerabilities that their products have.

Facebook also gave these researchers access to the FB5, a redesigned look of Facebook. This look is yet to come before the users. Facebook is now expanding this security researching program for its other platform- Instagram. The company wants to stop any third parties from misusing the data present on the website. Researchers will search and report any kind of issues or bugs that they find on the site and also the third-party apps that have access to customer data will also be found.

Source – CNN Business


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