Chrome is now the most popular browser across the internet. Almost everyone uses it because of its flexibility and features. However, you can add more functionalities to chrome browsers by installing chrome extensions in them. There are millions of extensions available on the chrome web store.

It is available for all platforms such as android, windows & Linux and but there are some limitations on other platforms, such as on android. For example, there is no way to install chrome extensions in android. So there is a solution to this problem: you can use third-party browsers that offer you to install chrome extension on android.

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Steps To Install Chrome Extensions On Android

Many third-party browsers offer you to install chrome extensions in it. But there is no guarantee that all chrome extensions can work on these browsers because of compatibility. Let’s install chrome extension on Yandex Browser.

  1. Go to Google play store and Install Yandex Browser on your Android.Yandex Browser
  2. Once Yandex is installed, Tap on Address Bar and type, or you can click on this link.Install Chrome Extensions On Android
  3. Now search for the extension you want to install on android. It can view in desktop mode.Install Chrome Extensions On Android
  4. Tap on Install Button, and you successfully installed a chrome extension on your android.

Alternative Browsers to Install Chrome Extensions

1. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi BrowserIt is a chromium-based web browser that supports chrome extensions. Kiwi is very fast in browsing, downloading, and fetching web results. One of the most remarkable things in Kiwi is that it has an inbuilt ad blocking system. So that’s why they write Fast & Quiet at the end of the browser.

Download Here

2. Brave

BraveBrave is one of the popular browsers for both desktop and Android users. Most users use a chrome extension to block ads, so we also list this one in the list. It has inbuild privacy controls and ad-blocking features that give ease to the user while browsing.

Download Here

3. Firefox

Firefox BrowserIt is the popular competitor of google chrome browsers and is used by millions of users. Firefox also has similar features to Google. It has its own extensions to add more functionalities to it. It is not like google chrome, but it performs exceptionally well.

Download Here


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