Intel is set to announce a new node-making process next week – called PowerVia, which will help the company to make less power-hungry chips in the future.

This introduction is as per its 2021 roadmap of improving the process nodes for better and more efficient chips. If successful, the new PowerVia process is said to put Intel two years ahead of the competition and regain its lost fame.

PowerVia is the Intel’s Future

After reigning for six decades, Intel is being slowly taken over by the rivals like AMD and Nvidia in recent times in their respective fields. So to keep up with the competition and regain its lost fame, Intel is coming up with a new node-making process called PowerVia.

This is as per the company’s 2021 roadmap and is set to be announced in the upcoming VLSI Symposium. At the event, Intel is confirmed to talk about its new way to build chip nodes that make better efficient processors. This will eventually help the blue team make powerful yet smaller processor nodes in the future.

Teasing the new method, Intel explained that its PowerVia would move all power rails to the back of the chip, bringing power directly to the components instead of routing it around the side. This would gradually better the movement of power across the chip and signal wires, which will have more space, thus more conductive.

Intel claims to have tested this process already on a test chip called Blue Sky Creek, resulting in better power delivery and better signal wiring. The core used in this test will be put in the forthcoming Meteor Lake PC processor, says Intel.

The company hopes to prepare the PowerVia solution by 2024 and leverage it for the future chip-making process. Once live, this will put Intel at least two years ahead of its competitors, touts experts.