Exciting news coming up next week on September 19, as Apple will roll out iOS 13, the most updated version of its operating system. However iOS 13 contains a vulnerability that is a cause of concern for many. Moreover, it lets one bypass the lock screen feature and he gets access to sensitive information. A Spanish security researcher, Jose Rodriguez revealed to the world that he was sure of the lock screen bypass bug in iOS 13.

Jose was of the opinion that this feature gave him to access the entire list of contacts on a victim’s phone and confiscate all the details. came across this new lock screen bypass bug when he was operating his on iOS 13 beta version. He immediately let Apple know of it in July

iOS 13 to Launch in Coming Week With a Special Lockscreen Bypass Bug
iOS 13 to Launch in Coming Week With a Special Lockscreen Bypass Bug

Unfortunately, Apple failed to patch the bug. Moreover, on the Gold Master version of iOS 13, which is the final version of the software to hit the market on September 19, this bypass feature is still prevalent.

LockScreen Bypass: Way It Works And More

This vulnerability literally makes the iPhone trick the owner into granting access to all information ranging from contact names, addresses, phone records and more.

To make sure this bug is legit, Rodriguez did a demo. He recorded a video explaining how this works and how This glitch activates a FaceTime call on a target’s iPhone and uses Siri’s voiceover support to mimic the owner and get access to the entire data on the concerned iPhone.

Rumours are doing the rounds that Apple will patch this issue in the iOS 13.1 release on September 30. It is advisable to wait till the end of the month before you get your hands on this version of the iPhone. iPhone users must not leave their phone unsupervised and must ensure they keep a firm check at all times for safety.


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