A fresh leak of the purported iPhone 15 Ultra’s case shows a new ‘Action Button’ on the side, aligning with the rumors that Apple could ditch the mute switch altogether.

Though the tipster clarifies that the case leak is rather a replica, and not the official product, we believe Apple would replace the mute button with an action switch anyway, considering feature leaks for this new button found in iOS 17.

iPhone 15 Series With Action Button

Apple’s next-gen flagship smartphones – the iPhone 15 Series are just a month away from official launch. Experts note that upcoming handsets could add fortunes to Apple, considering that many iPhone users currently are awaiting an overhaul, and jump onto iPhone 15 Series at once.

As we wait for them, a fresh leak of the purported iPhone 15 Ultra’s case show the handset having a new action button – in the place of mute switch. Several reports have already claimed the days of the mute switch are numbered, and it’ll be replaced by a multi-function “Action” button soon.

And we expect the replacement to kick in with the iPhone 15 Series, based on a number of reasons. The latest of this is a photo leak of a case belonging to the iPhone 15 Ultra, shared by a serial leaker “Majin Bu” on X. The cases consist of several colors, viz green, black, and dark blue variants, all having an Apple branding on the rear.

All have three buttons on the left-hand side, with two lower buttons being slightly larger than an upper and slightly recessed third button, which also happens to be a bit smaller. This third would be the rumored Action button. Though he later clarified that the leaked image is “a replica, it is not an official product,” we believe the leak will turn real soon.

Well, at the end of the day, no one outside Apple know what’s the actual design is. And we have to wait until the official launch to see what the handset actually looks like.

But if you ask us, Apple is surely leaning onto a new action button this time, as we’ve seen iOS 17 leaks mentioning how this button can be personalized to perform various actions, like activating a camera’s autofocus with a light press and taking a photo for a full press.