Apple is starting the new year on a roll. It is currently planning to release more than five models this year alone, all with the latest techs. Its innovation this year has no boundaries, and they are hopeful of bringing a technological revolution in this new decade. However, users are concerned about up-gradation policies for older models and casting substantial doubts on the tech-giants financial systems.

Change In Financial Policies Probable Reason For Hike: Experts

People looking to buy the latest iPhone models will pay more than necessary for that. The newest iPhone soon to be released is the iPhone 12. Incidentally, the price difference and the up-gradation policy is so severe that consumers holding the latest models of the iPhone series will pay more than people owning older handsets.

Apple iPhone 12
Image by Mashable India

This is a weird concept, but statistics say otherwise. The price table, when laid out descriptively, proves that people owning iPhone 11 will need to pay more dollars for upgrading as compared to a person holding an iPhone X.

This drop of trade-in values comes soon after Apple revised its financial policies for the coming decade. The new taxation policies in the US is seen as a reason for this. However, finite data is still not available on this and officials to have decided to remain mum on this concern. The good news that comes along is that the company reduced prices of its iPads and Macs to heal a few scars. However, critics are thinking otherwise. According to them,

Apple reduced costs to stay in competition with Windows-based devices, which is fast gripping international markets in the USA and Europe. The Asian subcontinent saw the steady rise of Windows and Linux-based devices, and Apple struggled to compete with them there. The same scenario is slowly developing in the Western countries as well. However, the new decade is hopefully going to change tides for Apple soon as they plan to bring some innovative technologies into the tech market.


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