With the advancement of technology, people now do various things in the comfort of their homes. However, one such thing is Online Shopping. It has come into the spotlight due to its ever-increasing demand craze among people. Considerably, many eCommerce giants rule the market, such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc. 

Well, today, we will discuss AliExpress and examine some details about whether this shopping platform is legit and trustworthy. We will also look for some facts to better understand whether using this platform is safe and reliable. So, now, without taking more time, let’s get into it directly. 

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a Chinese eCommerce giant that allows you to shop to purchase things online at a very low price. AliExpress is owned and run by the Alibaba Group. AliExpress is the first place to get products for dropshipping because they offer products at very cheap prices. Moreover, anyone can join a retailer and buy goods in any quantity.

Is AliExpress Legit And Trustworthy? Is It Safe to Shop There?AliExpress supports Alibaba Group’s globalization idea and strategy, which is why it has around 100 million users worldwide. This platform has reached about 190 countries, and More than 150 million customers trust AliExpress sellers.

Also, we have the advantages of discount coupons, exchanges, and refunds. Well, everything comes with some demerits as well. Although shopping on AliExpress is super easy and convenient, sometimes it disappoints you as things ordered online may not look the same when they arrive at your doorstep.

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Why Are The Products So Cheap on AliExpress?

Why Are The Products So Cheap on AliExpress?There are several reasons why AliExpress offers a much lower price on the same product, which is sold at a higher price on other platforms. Also, AliExpress has a wide variety and range of products directly shipped from the factory, which is also why the products are selling at significantly lower price tags. 

However, we all know that in comparison to the rest of the world in China, companies get workers at much lower daily wages that finally help cut down the products’ price. In addition, the taxes on the products are very low in comparison to other platforms. 

Is AliExpress Legit And Trustworthy?

Most of the products sold here are by reliable AliExpress sellers. However, all the products are very trendy and time-tested, so you do not need to worry about that. Also, this premium store shows you which AliExpress Seller has the highest rating and whether they are trusted or not.

But, yeah! Even though most of the sellers on AliExpress are legit, some could be scams or fraudulent. So, you have to research the product and, most importantly, read the legit reviews given by other buyers worldwide before buying anything from this platform.

Now, whether this platform is trustworthy or not, you have to be more conscious about that thing because not only in AliExpress, the scammers are all around the eCommerce market who regularly cheat buyers by sending duplicate products to the buyer.

Is It Safe to Shop on AliExpress?

Is It Safe to Shop on AliExpress?After the recent news about the Chinese government’s disappearance of Jack Ma, the owner of this platform, people think twice before trusting it. Although the platform is still safe to use, we still do not say anything about this because, as we know, no rule works in China, and China is known for data breaches.

So, it’s upon you whether you want to use this or not. Therefore, do your research before buying any products on this platform. In my experience, it is suitable for shopping because I got my product fine, but according to the reviews from Quora and Reddit, some of the people who got their product wrong and reseller scammed their money.

If you are going to shop from Aliexpress, there are specific points you keep in mind while shopping. In addition, you can check out things you need to know when ordering on Aliexpress.

How Much Time Does It Take To Ship Your Products? 

It totally depends on which product you choose and its availability, including where you have ordered. However, generally, it takes around 15-20 working days to ship and deliver your products. If you are a premium user, the product will take around 7-14 days to reach your doorstep.

So, that’s all we have to say about the detailed review of AliExpress. We hope you now have a clear idea about this platform. But if you have more information regarding AliExpress’s legitimacy, please let us know in the comment section. 


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