Chegg is a USA-based online education technology company that endorses itself for helping students reach their educational goals. There was a time when I used to like Chegg because they were the first kind of wave of companies that let students rent books in just a few bucks of dollars.

However, there are around more than 7000 colleges and universities in the USA, where an immense crowd of students uses Chegg. It is basically an online platform where it provides online educational services.

But, now the question arises of whether the Chegg is worth it or reliable for students or not? Well, if you clicked and landed here, you really came into the right place because today, we will explain everything regarding the Chegg. So, if you are a student and planning to use the Chegg services, then make sure to read this guide till the end.

Is Chegg Worth It?

Is Chegg Worth It? Is Chegg Reliable? (Chegg Study)It all comes to conscience. Some students use Chegg for conceptual learning, and others use Chegg for ease if they are clearing their concepts. Talking about my personal experience, then I am a good student, but I have come across both types of students. Some students really want to know why, how, when of a concept, but some students just want answers, and I think this is the case everywhere.

So, it totally depends upon how you utilize the Chegg and gain the knowledge. However, you can take a monthly subscription as low as $14.95/month. Therefore, it’s upon you that whether you want to spend money on it or not.

But, if you are a student who cannot clear concepts in one go, we suggest you try the Chegg for at least one month and see if it helps. 

 Is Chegg Reliable? (Chegg Study)

There are plenty of answers out there on the web. But if you are a student and want to build up your knowledge on any particular topic, it’s important that you do your own work. By doing so, you set yourself up to be a good student.

But, does Chegg really reliable? Well, in our opinion, it does because the pricing is very low, and as we have stated in this article before, this service’s reliability totally depends on who uses it.

However, Chegg is a 321 million dollar US-based company, and for almost 16 years, they have provided their services. Therefore, it is one hundred percent authentic and reliable.

So, if you want to get help while doing your homework or clearing your concept, then it is good. But, at the same time, based on our research, we have found that it is illegal to use Chegg in 17 states in the USA.

From Editor’s Desk

So, that’s all from our side on today’s topic. We hope that now you understand the facts related to Chegg. But, in case you have any doubt regarding the Chegg services, feel free to ask us in the comment section. 


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