For watching English dubbed dramas and Korean shows, DramaCool is the best resource. Both subtitles and video quality are fantastic. Besides that, the website can also be used easily. However, this website offers free dramas and Korean shows with subtitles that are better than many other sites.

Moreover, an account is not required, but you are welcome to create one if you wish. However, if you opt to do so, you can also set preferences and customize the site to meet your needs and share content with your friends.

Well, although this website has lots of things to offer its users, still there’s a doubt in users’ minds whether this website is legit or safe to use or not. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of Asian drama shows and would like to use this website for that purpose, we suggest that you read this article since we will address all your concerns here. Therefore, let’s dive into it.

Is Dramacool Safe?

There are many theories behind this question, and it may be possible that a number of people do not agree with my answer. Well, I thought that as this platform doesn’t pop-ups any inappropriate things; therefore, totally safe for children. Moreover doesn’t charge you to watch the content.

Also, there are zero or few ads in the Dramacool compared to other safe genre websites. As of now, I didn’t find any annoying ads, which are pretty amazing. So, in my opinion, it is a very safe and reliable website that you can use to watch your favorite Korean drama.

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Is Dramacool illegal?

It is the most common question that users always ask us that whether this platform is legal to use or not. It is evident why users keep asking this question as Dramacool keeps changing their domain’s address, which makes this platform more suspicious. But, they are doing it not because of any bad intention. Yes, they did this just to avoid copyright infringement. 

Is It Sued for Copyright Infringement?

As we have already stated that to avoid Copyright infringement, they keep changing their domain address, but back in 2016, Dramacool was sued for copyright infringement. However, it is using illegal ways to provide you the exciting content, but they didn’t have any bad intentions.

Moreover, in many countries, it is legal to use the websites such as Dramacool. Therefore, if you are from one of those countries, you can use Dramacool and enjoy your favorite Korean dramas. 

What About Your Data & Privacy Protection? 

We are always worried and make sure to save our data from getting into the wrong hands as bad things can happen anytime in this fascinating tech world. However, a data breach can put your proprietary data in the hands of one who may further sell your personal data to any other firm.

So, data & privacy is a very important part of our life; that’s why users are getting worried if this third-party website is safe for us in terms of our data protection and privacy. Well, you do not require to think about it as Dramacool didn’t store or sell their user’s data.

What is Our Recommendation?

Well, in my opinion, there is no harm to using the Dramacool, and you can use it without worrying about the above issues we have in this guide. But, in case you are looking for an alternative to Dramacool, then you can go with the Viki (Free), YouTube, Toggle, etc.

Therefore, now it’s upon you whether you wish to use this website or not. Also, make sure to check the website before use as Dramacool frequently change their domain name. 


Watching South Korean drama with subtitles in English is one of the best and most complimentary things about Dramacool. But, there are different opinions available on the internet about its legitimacy and reliability.

So, at last, it’s only you who have to decide whether you have to use this site or not. We are done with our job to explain and answer some of the commonly asked questions about the Dramacool. We hope this article has helped you. But, if you still have any doubt, comment below.


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