Online shopping is sometimes painstaking for us as we order something by seeing the picture and get a totally different product when it gets delivered. Although there are many online eCommerce shopping websites available that can assure you about your buying products, ETSY is one of them.

ETSY is an online eCommerce website that allows you to buy or sell vintage or homemade items and craft supplies. But, users don’t trust this site entirely as it is not as famous as its competitor. That’s why we are here with this article to help you guys understand every single necessary detail about the ETSY. So, let’s directly jump into it.

What Is ETSY? 

What Is ETSY? 

ETSY.INC is an American-based eCommerce venture that focuses on handmade or vintage items, including crafts. However, these items are categorized into different categories, including jewelry, bags, home decor, furniture, etc. Moreover, all these products are antiques that must be at least 20-25 years old.

However, talking about the user base, the ETSY has around 39.4 million active buyers worldwide, which is pretty awesome. It is as trusted as any other eCommerce website.

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Is ETSY Safe To Use? 

Is Wish Legit, SafeYes, ETSY is one hundred percent safe and reliable to use as it is already used by millions of users worldwide. But, yeah! There are some cases where users reported that they got scammed by the seller by sending them the wrong cheap products.

However, although there are several measures that a seller has to go through before starting selling on ETSY, chances are still there that you got scammed. Therefore, it’s our personal duty to check before buying anything. 

Is ETSY Legit? 

In my opinion, ETSY is legit and reliable to use. But, again, you need to cross-check the other customer’s review who has bought the same product from the same seller. Moreover, for extra safety, you should also check out the rating of the particular seller that they get overtime.

Are There Any Chances You Get Scammed On ETSY? 

There are some safety measures in the ETSY, and every product has to go through these measures before listing on the platform. But, yeah! There are chances that you get scammed on ETSY. Therefore, that’s why people question its legitimacy because it receives a lot of complaints, especially regarding financial transactions.

But, we advise you to read the terms & conditions mentioned by the particular seller before buying anything. However, if you find something suspicious about the seller, do not get scammed by ordering anything.

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How Does It Protect Your Personal Information?

ETSY stores transaction records associated with Etsy Payments but does not provide sellers with secure data. Therefore, you can rest assured that the details you give to ETSY about your credit card or debit card, or any other information, are kept completely safe.

How To Not Get Scammed?

You need to take care of a few metrics to save yourself from getting scammed. So, let’s take a look at them:  

  1. First, check The Product quality before placing an order.
  2. Make sure to check out the shipping and delivery times
  3. Make sure that it has a customer service
  4. Check how the seller handles the returns, replacements, and refunds process. 

So, that’s all from my side on our detailed review of ETSY. We hope this guide helped you understand this eCommerce website’s every detail. But, in case you have any questions in your mind, comment below. 


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