The online luxury fashion marketplace is expecting to do over $582.6 million in sales in 2021, yet most of us haven’t heard of it. But, if you are a fashion lover, you must check out this eCommerce platform because they offer many luxury fashion items at a very reasonable price. 

The idea behind FarFetch came about in 2007, and since then, they have never settled down. But, as not many users are familiar with this platform, you have the right to know a bit about this platform before buying anything from this FarFetch. 

So, here you’ll get all your doubts and related answers about this company, along with whether this platform is safe to use or not. Therefore, let’s get started then. 

What is FarFetch?

What is FarFetch?FarFetch is an online marketplace that offers premium luxury fashion clothing at a reasonable price with super fast delivery options. This platform is owned by a British-Portuguese entrepreneur José Neves.

Meanwhile, they operated local-language websites and mobile apps for their international customers in English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and many more. However, FarFetch currently has approximately 10 million site visits/month and has customers in 190 plus countries.

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Is FarFetch a Scam? 

Is it A ScamWell, you’ll get mixed reviews on Google that whether the FarFetch website is a scam or not. There are numerous cases where users are notified that they get scammed; however, apart from these reviews, their product quality and order quantity increase year after year.

Nevertheless, it depends upon you that if you are ordering from a trusted merchant or not. So, we suggest you cross-check the seller before ordering anything. Well, do your research, like check other customer reviews about whether the seller has a good reputation.

Does The FarFetch Items Real?

Well, if you have any doubt on your mind about whether this platform sends you the real items or not. Then, let me tell you that the products you buy from this platform are one hundred percent authentic and original.

Also, as the platform is based in London, therefore, its products have very high standards. Therefore, you can buy any brand items from farfetch is come with high quality. But, not every brand you’ll get from here; still, there are many options available for you.

Recently, I’ve purchased a Gucci belt, and trust me; the delivered item is the same as you get from the Gucci official store. Therefore, I think now you do not doubt in your mind if the products in FarFetch are genuine or not.

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Does FarFetch Have Return Policy?

Does FarFetch Have Return Policy?Most of the time, the product we order after trying we don’t like it, and other eCommerce giants like Amazon offer a seven-day return policy. So, is there any chance that you are allowed to return your product to FarFetch? Well, of course, you are allowed to do so.

FarFetch has a 14-days return policy that allows users to return their ordered products. However, I have personally tried this feature, and trust me. I got my money refund within three working days after the delivery partner received the product. 

Is FarFetch Legit and Safe?

Is It Legit PlatformWe have already stated that the products and their policy are for the benefit of users. Therefore, if you asked me, then this platform is one hundred percent legit and safe. But, yeah! Again it is upon you how you verify a seller. 

From Author’s Desk

So, that’s all we have to describe everything about FarFetch and its legitimacy. We hope that now you have understood everything about FarFetch. However, if you still have any doubt on your mind regarding this, comment below.


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