Have you ever experienced being ‘Away’ while active on Microsoft Teams? We must assure you that you’re not the first and last one; thousands of people are struggling with the same issue on Microsoft Teams.

The feeling of being inactive despite being active on the Teams is regrettable. There could be many reasons for this issue, and improper internet connection is one of the majors. However, regardless of the causes, we’ll know some of the best ways to keep Teams status Green.

What are Common Reasons Microsoft Teams Status Remain Inactive

Not only can a single thing interfere with the issues, but it could also be more than one. So, before moving down to all troubleshooting methods, we should take a look at all the common causes of inconvenience.

  • Poor internet connection.
  • Outdated Team apps.
  • The display goes into sleep mode frequently.

Best Ways to Keep Teams Status Green

Inside the Teams app, you can find many statuses to show your appearance to others, but if it goes wrong, it would be disheartening. Suppose you’re active on Teams and showing Away. Therefore, we are here to help keep Microsoft Teams status green.

1. Fix the Internet Connection

Stable and fast internet always plays a crucial role in suites like Microsoft Teams. Without it, Microsoft Teams can’t perform at its best. Therefore, always check the internet speed. Here’s what you can do to fix the internet issue.

  • Restart the modem/router.
  • Forget the WiFi network, and connect again.
  • For any technical help, contact ISP.

2. Create a Custom Status Message

The custom status message is one of the straightforward ways to inform others about your status on Microsoft Teams. If you use this feature, other people know that you are doing something actively. Here’s what you need to follow.

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app, and click on the Profile icon.Microsoft Teams profile icon
  2. Next, select Set Status Message.set a status message
  3. Then, write your message to show other people.
  4. Once your message is ready, you can select the duration you want to show.
  5. Now, click Done to create a custom status message on Microsoft Teams.write your status message

3. Keep Teams Status Green Manually

When you have the option to select to maintain your availability status on Microsoft Teams, then you can’t rely on the automatic process when it is a matter of concern to show your availability. Follow these steps to make yourself available manually.

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app, and click on the Profile icon.
  2. Next, simply click on the Availability option, and it will show you all signals.microsoft team availability option
  3. Now click on the Available option to keep Teams status green – super easy.click on available to keep Teams stauts green

4. Keep Your PC Active

As your PC goes to sleep mode, the Teams green status turns into another status. If you want to keep your status green, you have to keep your PC active or awake. This is what you need to follow.

  1. Press Windows > Settings > System.
  2. Next, select Power and Battery.
  3. Then click on Screen and sleep. Now choose the time accordingly to keep your PC awake and keep Teams status green.Screen and Sleep

5. Stimulate Mouse Movement

Even though we are preventing the PC from sleep mode using sleep settings, mouse movement is another way to prevent the PC from sleeping. Mouse movement software works to stimulate mouse movement, keeping the system awake for a longer period.

As long as you can keep active your PC, your Microsoft Teams status also remains green. So you can use a mouse movement app. We have listed some of them.

6. Host a Meeting

Hosting a meeting is another steady method to keep Microsoft Teams active. Even if you set up a false private meeting, the job will be done for you. Let’s follow this to host a meeting on Teams.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams, and click on the Calendar.click on calender of Microsoft Team
  2. Next, click on the New meeting.new meeting
  3. Now write adequate information about the meeting, and hit the Save button. It will surely help you to show your activeness on Teams.save new meeting on Microsoft Teams

7. Update Microsoft Team App

As I stated before, an outdated Microsoft Teams app could be a reason for this inconvenience. Therefore, we should update Microsoft Teams app frequently. It not only brings new features, even helpful in removing all existing bugs, which provides a seamless experience.

Final Words

So these are some of the best ways to keep Teams status green. Most of the methods will work for you. If you are still struggling with the issue, update your system. Otherwise, share your problem with us in the comment section.