It is hard to find a stable windows update. Microsoft claims that they always strive to bring better security and benefits for the users. This new Microsoft update for Windows 10 is going to bring some notable changes regarding the security. One such security update involves breaking down your outdated Bluetooth devices.

The Latest June Update Focuses More On Security Issues

The latest update from Microsoft is mainly focused on the security issues that users are facing. The company has published a new support document recently. According to this document, the Windows 10 cumulative update won’t support the outdated Bluetooth devices.

Windows 10 Update Won’t Support All Bluetooth Devices
Windows 10 Update Won’t Support All Bluetooth Devices

No, this isn’t a glitch. This is one of the drastic steps taken by Microsoft in order to address the security issues that are caused due to Bluetooth connections. The first website to spot this document was Windows latest. It has published the news about this Bluetooth support.

If you have already downloaded the Windows update, you will face some issues with pairing the Bluetooth devices. The updates completely prevent pairing your device with any kind of Bluetooth system that is vulnerable to security issues. You cannot pair your device with any kind of unsecured Bluetooth devices. Any device that is using the well-known keys for encryption will face the heat of this update.

While this is a good thing from the security point of view, users will find some problems due to the restriction. The usage of Bluetooth devices has increased a lot recently and this decision is surely going to affect the users a bit. Microsoft suggested the users to contact their Bluetooth device manufacturers if they face any issue with pairing. Almost all the devices that are running on Windows 10 will get this security update. The company has already rolled out it into the market.


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