Facebook is in news again regarding the data breach. This incident is similar to the Cambridge Analytica issue. Here, nearly 419 million Facebook accounts were exposed. There was an unsecured server which leaked a total of 419M accounts details. This is one of the huge leaks from Facebook. A security researcher from India named Sanyam Jain was the first one to identify this database.

Sanyam Jain has exposed several unsecured servers already and this is his latest discovery. The number of accounts exposed here is much more compared to Cambridge Analytica and this can be considered as one of the biggest data breaches of Facebook. These exposed accounts belong to three countries people especially- USA, Vietnamese and UK.

Leaky Database of Facebook Exposed 419 Million User Accounts
Leaky Database of Facebook Exposed 419 Million User Accounts

133 million records were from USA users, 50 million from Vietnam and 18 million from UK. The rest of the accounts were related to other country users. Unique ID of users along with their mobile numbers was present in the unsecured database. There were some records with username, location, and other details too.

Facebook Claims That The Records are Old

Facebook is assuring that no details have been compromised till now and the details that were leaked are old data. Sanyam Jain recognized the hosting provider of that website and this resulted in the site going offline. But Facebook is not taking responsibility for this issue stating that it is an old problem. A spokesperson stated that the data present in that website is nothing but the scraped old data of Facebook.

Although Facebook is claiming that they are taking so many precautions assuring the safety of users, these kinds of situations have always been an issue. People are still unable to believe Facebook and the kind of security that it offers yet. As of now who scraped the data and why they did it is not yet revealed.


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