Linux might not be as popular as Windows, but it is still one of the best operating systems in the world. So much so that people who migrate to Linux hardly ever come back to Windows or any other OS. 

But since it is not as popular as Windows and is open-source, developers do not focus a lot on making apps and games for Linux. Because of this, people have to struggle to find great apps and games. However, finding the best web browsers for Linux is still quite easy. 

If you are using Linux, you have already made a bold choice and now there is one more thing you can do: use some lightweight open source web browsers for Linux.  

While the Chromium-based browsers are great, they can take a lot of resources from your PC. So in this guide, you will find the list of the best open-source web browsers for Linux. These browsers are lightweight and are free to use.

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Best Open Source Web Browsers for Linux

1. Viper

The first one on the list of best open source web browsers for Linux is Viper. This is a privacy-centered, minimalistic, and highly customizable web browser. For users who want the best privacy in this era where cybercrimes are increasing, Viper makes for a solid candidate. 

Now, the browser is quite minimalistic and if you are a fan of the minimal aesthetic, you will enjoy it. It can do most of your search-related things with ease. You also get all the basic features like tab hibernation support, AutoFill management, full-screen support, etc. 

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2. Lynx

Lynx web browserLynx is one of the oldest open-source web browsers for Linux. It started in 1992 and the best thing is that it is still well-maintained. People who love CLI will love this browser. That is because, with this browser, you can use the internet right from your Linux terminal.

Here is a little thing you need to know; since it is a simple web browser, you can’t expect a lot from it. It won’t be like your Firefox or Brave browser type, but this browser is more than capable if you want to use the internet. 

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3. Nyxt

Nyxt web browserIf you visit the official site of Nyxt, you will see them describing it as “The hacker’s power browser.” And from what users describe it, it stands up for its reputation. The web browser is simply great, and you will love it.

This is a keyboard-oriented browser, so it might take some time to get used to it. One of the best things about this browser is that it is highly customizable, as it allows you to overwrite and reconfigure every method and function. The browser also comes with a command-line tool built-in.   

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4. SeaMonkey

Next on the list is SeaMonkey and this is not an ordinary web browser as you would think. Instead, it is an all-in-one navigator that is also good for surfing the internet. Some great features come built into SeaMonkey. First of all, it gives you an email client. Then it also has a web feed reader. 

Furthermore, it also has IRC chat support, an HTML editor, and web development tools. And you might get some Mozilla Firefox vibes with this browser as it uses a lot of source code from Mozilla Firefox. 

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5. Pale Moon

Pale MoonIf you are looking for a web browser that is good for privacy and security, then Pale Moon is another excellent choice. The best thing about this web browser is that it is highly customizable and well-optimized for all the new processors on the market. 

So if you have a new rig, you will love this one. The web browser is based on Firefox source code and supports plugins like Flash, Silverlight, and Java. 

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6. Waterfox

WaterfoxWaterfox is a dark wolf on the list. All the users who have used this browser were shocked because of how good this browser is. The best thing about this browser is that it is a minimalistic and easy web browser. 

Another great thing about this web browser is that it supports Chrome, Firefox, and Opera extensions. So if you are coming from Chrome or some other browser and have been using extensions for a while, then this one is the one you should try. 

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7. Falkon

Falkon web browserFalkon is, again, not a web browser perse. Instead, it is a KDE navigator which utilizes QtWebEngine technology and works as a rendering engine. One great thing about this navigator is that it comes with a built-in ad blocker. 

Then you also get features like bookmarks and history which are always good to have. An interesting thing to know about this browser is that it started for educational purposes, but now it has grown to become one of the best open-source web browsers for Linux. 

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