Do you miss watching exclusive videos and photos on LiveLeak? If yes, then we have good news for you. There are several alternatives to LiveLeak that you can refer to. Today, we are going to discuss them. 

London served as the home for the British video-sharing website LiveLeak. The website was established on October 31, 2006. However, for unprecedented reasons, the platform was taken down in 2019. But there are many other sites like LiveLeak that you can use.

If you are unsure which LiveLeak alternatives to choose from, our list will help. We have included all the latest and working alternatives. The best part is that most of them don’t require an account.

Best LiveLeak Alternatives in 2024

1. EngageMedia

EngageMedia is a nonprofit website that strongly emphasizes free expression and human rights. It works to bring about change through media and technology. The website was established in collaboration with Canadian television.

EngageMediaTo use the platform, you must register an account on EngageMedia. After that, you are free to upload and distribute videos. Additionally, nearly any device can access the site, including desktop, Android, and iOS smartphones.

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2. D Tube

This site has many features in common with YouTube. For instance, the visual style of YouTube was adopted by D Tube, which has gained popularity. It also has a distinctive feature of allowing explicit content on the main display. 

D TubeAdditionally, the platform is not constrained in any way. D Tube is a decentralized platform that provides the highest-quality content. More importantly, It uses the Steem blockchain and pays out prizes in cryptocurrency. So, we can call it one of the best LiveLeak Alternatives.

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3. Xfinity Video

It is another LiveLeak alternative that you can use. The videos featured on the site are unique as they are unavailable on other platforms. For instance, if you want to watch something like a rabid dog, Got Talent, or Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer, Xfinity Video is the best site.

Xfinity VideoMany unique and explicit videos featured on the site can blow your mind. Xfinity Video is available to access on desktop and mobile devices as well. Moreover, the platform is free to access.

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4. AOL Video

AOL Video is a website offering many videos in one place, like LiveLeak and YouTube. You may watch various videos on the site without needing to register. With its outstanding features and extensive video library, this LiveLeak alternative website is a well-known platform.

AOL VideoYou may also access old videos on AOL Video. They host their own videos on the Internet and on other websites. The organized videos on the site make it one of the worthiest LiveLeak Alternatives.

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5. ItemFix

Our next inclusion in the list of best LiveLeak alternatives is a website that lets users share their videos free of cost. All they have to do is to register for an account on ItemFix. However, currently, the website is only available in English. 

ItemFixMost videos on the site are about arbitrary acts that people commit and domestic problems. The website has simple navigation and is simple to understand. It is quick, and the UI is decent in terms of how quickly each movie loads.

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6. eBaum’s World

The only location you should go to if you enjoy seeing a variety of scary movie content is this famous website, eBaum’s World. A viewer gets everything from breaking news to punching random footage on the site. 

Ebaum’s WorldEbaum’s World’s videos are always surprising, which makes users eager to visit them again. However, be cautious while you watch fantastic NSFW videos, which are grouped under a separate category. But if you enjoy unpredictably amusing, startling, or frightful videos, you can never go wrong by going to the Ebaum’s World website.

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7. Veoh

Consider Veoh if you’re seeking a website with many interesting, high-quality films. A wider range of categories is available here to keep you entertained. This website features a variety of topics, including horror, comedy, anime, and adventure.

VeohSimilar to YouTube, you may also watch streaming online videos from the web on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Currently, this LiveLeak alternative is used by thousands of people all over the world.

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8. Flickr

Flickr emphasizes the debate. It is an effort to take advantage of the rage of the online phenomenon. For example, you can see a video about a scientist who can’t challenge established theories.

FlickrFlickr’s goal is to astonish viewers so they will share this important content on social media. Additionally, this might be the best place for you if you enjoy conspiracy theories or other contentious videos.

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9. DailymotionDailymotion

When it comes to sites like LiveLeak, Dailymotion comes to my mind for its enormous service. The video-rich platform offers news, sports, music, and entertainment videos.

Paris- based the popular website allows a user to watch any videos without spending money and an account. Moreover, its user interface is really cool and simple to navigate easily. It has a search bar to search for anything within a minute.

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10. The Open Video ProjectThe Open Video Project

The Open Video Project is an open-source video streaming platform, but it’s slightly different from others. Here, you can’t find exclusive music, funny videos, or on-demand content. However, it has featured numerous videos that can provide value to humankind.

If you are looking for documentaries, education, historical, and lecture videos, then The Open Video Project is the perfect place. However, the website design is very simple, but its resources make it unique.

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