is an integral part of Amazon Web Services. It is currently co-owned by Linked-In and Uber and headquarters based in the US. In 2018, Lynda became the victim of a severe hack. The indiction of the criminals happened after a few months of the hack. The server breach compromised vital information from the Amazon Web Servers.

More than 1,00,000 accounts and other essential backend data were reported missing. The alleged behind the attack recently confessed to a Californian federal court, accepting their attempts to break into Linked-in’s remote training sites and other Uber facilities through Lynda.

Lynda and Uber Hackers Confess Before Court: Can Face 5-year Imprisonment
Lynda and Uber’s Hackers Confess Before Court: Can Face 5-year Imprisonment

Jucy Koh, the Justice hearing the case, later told the Press that the miscreants held Lynda’s data ransom for a while. They approached LinkedIn and demanded money through wire transfers to offshore accounts. The demand was, however, denied by company officials.

Conspiracy Sketched From 2014: Says Judge

The prosecution released a statement claiming the hackers admitted to other security breaches as well. This included the 2016 Uber hack, which incurred losses of over $1.12 Millions. The hackers, Vasile and Brandon, are residents of Canada and the USA, respectively.

Reportedly, the hacker duo won the Uber bounty program and earned a whopping sum of $100,000. However, they were reluctant to sign the NDA agreements with the company. After a long stand-off, they finally agreed to the clauses. The heated confrontation probably instigated them to pull off a system hack into the Uber-subsidiary, sources claim.

Hacking is a severe issue in the USA and not taken lightly. The laws are stringent, and according to The Chronicle, the duo can face up to 5 years in prison. Depending on the judgment (to arrive by 2020), they can also face being fined an amount of $500,000 in bonds.


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