Are you interested in knowing how to make a collage on iPhone? A collage is an assembly of multiple photos transformed into a singular image. Instead of going around spending your precious time uploading photos one by one, you can make a collage of those pictures.

To make a collage on iPhone, you do not have to use any high-end image editing services. I have explained how to use a popular app like Google Photos to create an exciting collage on your iPhone. Also, I have presented other free image editing apps and online photo editing services that offer dedicated collage-making features. Let’s check them out.

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1. Use Canva App to Make Collage on iPhone

Canva is super popular when it comes to creatively designing or editing images. It is a heaven for content creators. The best part is most of these features are available for free. Canva is available for all the major operating systems, including iOS.

  1. Start by installing Canva iOS app on the iPhone.
  2. Log into Canva.
  3. Under the tab, You Might Want to try, scroll around until you see Photo Collage. Tap on it.
  4. You can tap on Create Blank to create a collage from scratch.
    make photo collage in iPhone using Canva app
  5. Otherwise, you can select any free collage templates of various designs.

If you tap on Create Blank, a blank canvas will appear.

  1. Tap on the Upload tab.
  2. Select any images that you have uploaded from your iPhone.
  3. Otherwise, you can freshly upload photos by tapping on Upload media.
  4. Get the photos on the white canvas and adjust them to create a collage.
    upload media in canva
  5. You can further edit and add colors or text phrases as needed.
    edit collage in Canva
  6. Once done with the editing, you can download the image or share it on any popular social media app.
    share or download the collage made using Canva

The good thing with Canva is it doesn’t forcefully implement brand watermark on the images you create. This makes it a most sought-after tool if you want to make a collage on iPhone.

2. Make a Collage Using Google Photos

Here are the steps you have to follow.

  1. First, download and install Google Photos on your iPhone.
  2. Launch Google Photos.
  3. Please navigate to the tab Library at the bottom right corner of the screen and tap it.
  4. Now, tap on Utilities.
  5. Under the Create New tab, there will be an option Collage. Tap on it.
    create collage iPhone
  6. The image gallery will now open up.
  7. You have to select a minimum of two or nine images to make a collage on iPhone.
  8. Select the choice of images and then tap on Create.
  9. The photo collage will be ready in a few seconds.
    make collage on iPhone using google Photos app

Now, you can share this collage, upload it to a cloud drive, or even further edit it. You can even save the newly created collage as a PDF file.
save collage to cloud drive

3. Create Collage Using PhotoGrid App

Here is another free application you can use to make collages on your iPhone dedicatedly. It is the PhotoGrid app which you can download for free on the App Store. Make sure to provide all necessary permissions to the app.

  1. Launch PhotoGrid on iPhone.
  2. Tap on the + icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The Collage Wall page will show up.
  4. You can select if you want 2 image collages, 3 images, or a multi-image collage.
  5. Let us select a 3-image collage and select a template.
    make collage on iPhone using PhotoGrid app
  6. Tap on the ‘+’ icon on the image header to insert your choice of image to create the collage.
  7. You can at one time select all the images you want to bring together for making the collage.
  8. Once done, tap on Save to save the new collage you created.
  9. You may further edit the collage using the various options available in the bottom panel of the screen.
    remove watermark in collage

Some of the available collage templates are not free. You must upgrade as a premium user to make a collage on the iPhone. Use free collage templates if you do not want to pay anything. There are plenty of them available.

Also, you will see the PhotoGrid brand watermark on the final collage image output. You can remove this watermark only once for free. To permanently remove the watermark for further collages you make, you have to pay a certain premium as per their plans.

If you ask my suggestion, Google Photos and Canva are free to use. Using them is easy and they don’t put any watermark when you make a collage on iPhone.

Wrapping Up

Just back from the party or that summer vacation? Now, you know how to make a collage on iPhone. Instead of scratching your head about what photos to share, create one or more collages of images. Then share it with your friends. I’m sure they will tip their hats to your creativity.


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