In this guide, I have talked about how to make emails go to a specific folder in Gmail. It is a prominent mail service app used over the world. You tend to receive dozens of emails in a day.

It is essential to create a folder to help organize your emails. That will ensure you can respond to emails smoothly and without any confusion.

You have to create a label to store emails in a specific folder. Next, by settings filters, you can direct emails from a contact/business toward those folders. Instead of the primary inbox, based on the filters, the incoming emails will arrive in this folder.

How to Direct Mails Go to a Specific Folder in Gmail

Here are the steps for directing emails to a specific folder instead of the usual primary inbox.

Let’s say we receive emails from a certain business every day a couple of times. We will set a label that will house the emails sent from this business.

  1. Launch Gmail on your PC and log in with your credentials.
  2. On the left sidebar of Gmail inbox, click on More to expand the options list.
    click on More Gmail inbox
  3. Next, on the left panel of the Gmail inbox, click on Create New Label.
    create a new folder label in Gmail
  4. Enter a new label name.
  5. Next, click the drop-down below Nest Label Under and select Notes. It means the new folder label will appear in the Labels category nested under the Notes label.
    set the label name in Gmail
  6. Now, open an existing email from the concerned business/contact from whom you intend to direct the email to the new folder.
  7. Once the email opens, click the 3-dot icon on the toolbar, and from the menu select Filter Messages like these.
    filter messages like these
  8. A dialog box will open. Click on the button Create Filter.
    create a filter in Gmail label
  9. A list of checkboxes will appear which are the filters you have to set for the specific business/contact.
  10. Click on the checkbox Apply the Label and select the label you previously created.
  11. You may also select Skip the Inbox so that the mail from that sender never shows up in the primary inbox.
  12. Click the checkbox beside “Also Apply Filter to matching conversations”. All messages from the same sender will move to the new folder and other filters you have set will be applicable as well.
  13. Once you set the necessary filters, click on Create Filter.
    create a filter in Gmail label

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on this article on “How to Make Emails Go to a Specific Folder in Gmail”. I hope you found it useful. Now, your Gmail inbox will be more organized and clutter-free, with unimportant emails housed in a separate folder.