Are you bored by continuously seeing yourself in still pictures? Want a change? Then let us help you invade the other side of you! There is a lot more than just photos. .To create short-form content with your photographs; it is good to create video collage with these saved images. The collage can be backed by good music or audio or voice-over to make it even more enjoyable. 

Why create a collage of your photographs? It is a great way to bring to life the images that you may have saved on your smartphone or laptop for years. Such short-form videos can be shared on social media with friends and family to reminisce about the good memories from the past.

During the present times, when social distancing is being practiced, and one is unable to meet with friends and families, one can make such videos and show it during virtual meetings with the closed knit social circle.

Many social media influencers make these videos and post them on their social media profiles and offer their audience an insight into the lifestyle or thoughts or moments in the life of the influencer. 

If you wish to create an impressive video collage from your photos, you will need to choose the right online photo video maker – one that is easy to use and offers seamless and picture-perfect results. 

How to Make a Video Collage from Your Photos?

The first step in the process is to choose the right video collage maker. There are multiple tools available online. A few of the popular ones are VideoStudio, Animoto, or Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus. All these tools have specific common ways of working. Once you select a tool, it is advisable that you first read and review its features and then make your choice accordingly.

Tips to Make an Impressive Video Collage

Video collages are the best ways to re-visit your cherished photographs, a narrative that tells a story. To make a video collage, you need the best tool and absolutely no prior experience in graphic designing to convert image to video.

To make the collage look excellent and exciting, here are a few excellent tips:

  1. Ensure that you plan the video collage appropriately. When things are organized, it reflects in the end product. Even if you are sharing the video with your social circle, do it professionally so that you can catch the attention of your viewers. So, give it some time – plan it. This way, you will be able to make the collage faster and smoothly.
  2. Choose a program that is easy to work with. Go in for an online video collage maker so that you can refer to the online tutorials and upload them fast. 
  3. When you make a collage, be it a photo collage or a video collage, ensure that you use photographs that reflect a fused or cohesive mood. It could be photos from different occasions and events, from varied time-frames, but keep the necessary disposition of the theme the same. Remember, the images will have different lighting or colors, so you would need to use effects and filters to get them to the same platform.
  4. The background should be relevantly used. From knowing how to use the negative space correctly to adding depth to the background or using an image, you can be creative to make fair use of the available setting and backdrop.
  5. When working on the colors or the texture of the final look-and-feel of the video, ensure that there is consistency in the individual photos and the overall effect of the video. The viewer, then perfection, quickly detects a mismatch!
  6. If you are using audio, ensure that it is clear and crisp. 
  7. If using a text message, ensure that you use theme-specific messages. If sending to friends and family, ensure that you add a personalized message. If uploading on your social media handle, you can make it attractive, vivid, jazzy, or subtle, as per your preference. Keep the choice of your audience as a priority. 
  8. When you wish to present the video collage professionally, ensure that you use the appropriate formats. It is in a resizable format to open quickly on any platform or device.


To make eye-catching videos, you must pick the right software program. Also, go about doing it in a planned manner. Making good-looking videos is an art, and if you have the right tool in your hands, you can do a great job.

You might need to practice a little, but as it is rightly said, nothing can be achieved without getting your hands into it. , but rest assured, you can make a professional-looking video within hours.


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