Meta is testing support for playing Reels on its Quest headset, which displays content much similar to how we see on the phone.

This was revealed by Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in a broadcast channel showcasing how users can scroll through Reels with their controllers. This ability comes days after Meta announced its Quest 3 with new games, while Apple came up with the Vision Pro headset.

Instagram Reels on Quest Headset

The competition for the best VR headset is as furious as the current AI inventions, with companies like Meta and Apple being the main players. Last week, Meta announced its next-gen VR headset named Quest 3, with updated hardware and new games.

And days after this, Apple came up with its much-hyped mixed-reality headset called Vision Pro. While it’s seemingly more advanced than Meta’s Quest, it’s really unaffordable to an average consumer, priced at $3,499! Whereas the Meta’s latest counterpart comes at just $499, bundled with a few games.

Adding to top of them, Meta is also testing the ability to play Instagram Reels on Quest headsets, as per an announcement from the company’s CEO on their broadcast channel. Testing videos show that you can browse through Reels in a window that appears against your virtual background, much similar to how we handle them on the phone.

Reels on Meta Quest

Well, it’s not clear how Meta is displaying the Reels on the Quest headset – whether it’s playing them on the Instagram app on Quest or casting them to the Quest background from a connected Instagram app on your phone. Either way, this idea will tie Meta’s apps more closely to the Quest space and opens a new way for the company to cash on if it’s a hit.