An early leak of the upcoming Windows Copilot shows what all the features can do and how deep the assistant is cooked into the Windows 11 OS.

Windows Copilot, or simply the Copilot, is a Bing Chat on Windows OS – running on a Microsoft Edge container. This virtual assistant, not with the help of OpenAI’s GPT, can do various OS tasks and creative stuff. Windows 11 beta testers can expect this feature to roll out in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Copilot on Windows 11

Microsoft is banking so much on its partnership with OpenAI that it integrates its GPT model into its products. This trend started with Bing Search getting the new Chat option – with ChatGPT-like capabilities, and adding the chatbot directly into many Office applications.

Now, Microsoft is cooking the GPT model into its Windows OS directly – called Copilot. Touted as a significant AI upgrade for Windows 11, Microsoft’s Copilot is a Bing Chat running in an Edge browser container. This renders a “centralised AI assistance” for desktops, says Microsoft.

While it’s yet to come for testers, an early leak noted by Windows Latest shows how well the feature can perform. When available, Windows 11 users can ask the Copilot different queries and even tune their OS settings on the go. Some examples showcased by the publication note enabling dark mode, opening apps and modifying several settings as possible actions.

Windows Copilot Leaks
Windows Copilot Leaks

This Copilot is so baked in that users can open apps like Outlook or Word and ask the chatbot to write an email or summarise the essay they’re typing. Well, beware, since the Copilot runs on Bing Chat, which in turn runs on Open AI’s GPT model – that has a history of offering wrong information sometimes. So the Microsoft Copilot, too, is bound to provide some   advice, thus, should play with caution.

Microsoft also notes that Copilot’s functionality can be improved with in-house plugins called “action cards” or “desktop actions” that allow the chatbot to detect how you’re using the system and offer suggestions based on that. If you’re interested and running on Windows 11 beta channel, wait a couple of weeks to see this rollout.