Having inactive accounts is common for almost every platform. There are so many people who create accounts on various platforms for just a one time use and then don’t care about it.

If you are one such user and haven’t checked your Microsoft or Xbox account for a while, then hurry up and poke it once. From August 30 2019, Microsoft is banning the accounts that weren’t active for more than two years now.

Make a Purchase and Your Account Will be Clear From Closing

There is no need for you to stay active on the platform. If you have purchased any subscription online, it is enough for you to extend the active status. You will get two years of time after the subscription is ended. There is no need for you to spend some time on the platforms to keep your account active.

Microsoft is Planning to Close Inactive Xbox and Microsoft Accounts
Microsoft is Planning to Close Inactive Xbox and Microsoft Accounts

Your account will be on active status until it has some unspent balance in it. Apart from this Microsoft has provided some other exceptions for the users.

One such exception is a family account. If you maintain a family account with sub-accounts for your kids to play games on Xbox, etc. then your main account won’t be closed until and unless the sub-accounts are still active.

If you have ever published anything on Microsoft, then you get indefinite lifetime offer for all the Microsoft platforms. It can be wrecked due to some legal issues, etc. but there is no need for you to worry about the account. Just signing into the account is enough to keep it active. If you have a slight doubt about the account, then it is better to have a look at it.

This closing activity from Microsoft is aimed at duplicate accounts, inactive accounts so ensure that yours’ is not included in the list.


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