Microsoft has announced that it will reward a whopping amount of $100,000 for spotting bugs in Windows. This new change is brought to the Windows Insider Preview bug bounty program. To increase the prize for finding bugs in Windows Insider Preview, the company has renewed the bug bounty program portal and made it easy for researchers.

Microsoft to Offer $100,000 To Bugs Researchers In Windows

Microsoft Is Offering $100,000 To Spot Bugs In Windows 

In 2017, the Microsoft Windows Insider Preview Bug Bounty Program was launched, and at that time the prize money was of $500 and $15,000. However, now the reward is increased to $100,000.

This program is an excellent opportunity for all the researchers for bugs. The hunters to report bugs in different products like Microsoft Edge, Windows Defender Application Guard, Hyper-V, and Mitigation Bypass. The renewed program includes five new rewards based on the scenario.

The highest reward is for “Unauthenticated non-sandboxed code execution with no user interaction.”

The second reward is of $50,000 for “unauthorized access to private user data with little or no user interaction.” 

In a blog post, Microsoft announced about the bug bounty program and said, 

“While we are refocusing the WIP bounty program to defend and protect customers from these five high risks exploit scenarios, we continue to offer bounties for other valid vulnerability reports that do not qualify for scenario-based awards.” 

This program will help the companies to keep the consumers safe from the bugs. Microsoft is offering rewards to the researchers for spotting the bugs and reporting it.

Anyone who wants to participate in the Microsoft Windows Insider Preview bug bounty program, then visit this website MSRC Researcher Portal and report the bug here.


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