Microsoft officially starts selling its wraps for Xbox Series X, with the bunch containing a couple of camouflaged variants, and a special Starfield one.

Priced at $45 and $50, respectively, these will be available in the US, Canada, and Europe in October and November and have high-tech fabric finishes, silicone interiors, and bottom ventilation for airflow. Price and availability for other markets are yet to be determined.

Official Xbox Series X Skins

Following the path of Sony, Microsoft has now unveiled three new skins for its Xbox Series X console, making the gaming boxes more attractive.

Two of them are the variants of camouflage colors – Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo, priced at $45 each and available in the US, Canada, and Europe from November 10th onwards (Although Europe misses the Arctic version for now).

The other is a Starfield-inspired skin available for pre-order now, costing $50 and coming to the US, Canada, and Europe on October 18th.

Microsoft has aligned the launch of this special wrap to match with that of the game’s launch – coming on September 6th, and be good with other related accessories like the Starfield-themed controller and headset that Microsoft launched recently.

So you have to wait for over a month to get all these accessories in line, and play the Starfield aesthetically. Microsoft says the skins are made up of solid core panels with “high-tech fabric finishes,” and are simply hook-able to the console.

Having a silicone interior design to keep the console secure, Microsoft assures the cases will not have any impact on the console’s performance, and they even come with bottom ventilation to maintain the airflow.

This bunch follows the earlier swappable faceplates Microsoft made for its Xbox 360, although it admitted the idea flopped. Besides the OEMs, third-party services like Dbrand make such custom skins too, but it ran into trouble making faceplates for Sony’s PS5 recently.