Microsoft is focusing on its Chromium-based browser, which is set to launch soon. The primary agenda is to secure the browser against all sorts of malware attacks, including piracy, trojans, and cryptocurrency mining. Microsoft officials recently declared that they are taking stern measures to ensure that crypto-based malware will be done away with in their latest browser release. The Chromium-based browser is going to roll out soon, and tech experts are hopeful for quality performance and many technical improvements.

Crypto mining malware is lethal for any system as it completely breaks into data resources and uses them to mine cryptocurrency. These malware attacks by hacking groups intend to earn illegal revenue as well as corrupt sites and accounts frequented by users.

Microsoft To Prevent Crypto Mining Malware in Their Latest Browser
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Malicious scripts disguised as downloadables, ad-clicks, and other downloadable formats are the most common forms of crypto-mining malware. The latest browser is enabled to generate full-scale warnings against downloading these scripts and running them on the system. Microsoft Defender is being strengthened to work more efficiently in tandem with the latest browser.

Crypto Mining Malware Are Latest Hacking Trend

Microsoft is setting up to launch the browser updates soon and is encouraging all users to switch from Microsoft Edge to their latest browser. Microsoft Edge’s quality was sound and promising. It blocked malicious ads and other malware, but the newest release will be state of the art. Crypto mining attacks are the latest hacking trend of 2020, and it will dominate cybersecurity for the coming years as well.

Hackers are people who take advantage of people’s sentiments and use them for their benefits. They did not spare the untimely death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and launched malware posing as Bryant GIFs and other related attachments. People quickly fell for that, giving way for hackers to create more havoc. Microsoft is doing its best to prevent just stat, claim officials.


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