There’s so much joy when you engage in multiplayer gameplay with a friend or random player. We’ve seen a lot of online games that bring much fun and social interaction between players. But what if you’d like to enjoy this same experience in a horror game?

Well, that’s not something to worry about because you’ll find a lot of horror games with multiplayer game modes. A lot of these games are perfect for both Android and iOS users thanks to their cross-platform compatibility.

If you want to take your multiplayer gameplay experience to a whole new level by exploring more challenges. In this article, we’ve curated the best multiplayer horror games just for you.

Best Multiplayer Horror Games for Android & iOS

from heart-pounding survival challenges to cooperative stealthy gameplay, these games offer something cool.

1. Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile

When looking for a horror multiplayer game to begin with. You should consider downloading Dead by Daylight Mobile on your smartphone. This game brings the ultimate horror show to mobile screens.

The gameplay is unique and it’s a game where 4 players team up against one. Also, the role is very straightforward, you can either play as the killer or as the survivor.

Furthermore, Dead by Daylight Mobile does have a blend of a realistic horror soundtrack, which adds a more frightening experience to the game.

Download: Android & iOS

2. Identity V

Identity V

In Identity V, players are transported into a Victorian-inspired world, where 1v4 matches are set to unfold. One of the reasons why you’ll love this game is due to its dark narratives.

Besides, it does feature different sets of mysterious characters that intensify the multiplayer horror gameplay. Moreover, it’s either you’re the hunter or you’re being hunted to survive.

In addition to the gameplay, Identity V inspires teamwork and strategy. Making the game have a more cooperative element style. In terms of graphics, it does feature something realistic.

Download: Android & iOS

3. Doomsday: Last Survivors

Doomsday - Last Survivors

Next on the list is Doomsday: Last Survivor, it’s the perfect title for those who love zombie survival games. The gameplay is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies.

As the commander in the game, you have a job to do, it involves guiding other players to survival. While Doomsday does have the perfect horror settings, it also ensures players can explore.

Doomsday: Last Survivors also features different unlockable heroes, with each one having unique abilities. This is one of the few mobile horror games with the perfect multiplayer setting.

Download: Android & iOS

4. Eyes: Scary Thriller

Eyes - Scary Thriller

A game that’ll deliver a haunting and immersive mobile horror experience is Eyes: Scary Thriller. For players who want to explore a world where the supernatural meets psychological horror.

Well, I guess you’ve found your preferred choice of game in Eyes: Scary Thriller. Moreover, the game combines elements of suspense, exploration, and survival horror.

In Eyes: Scary Thriller, you’ll need to escape the room in which you’re trapped. While doing so, you also need to solve puzzles and evade monsters. Lastly, the visuals in this game also offer a more terrifying experience.

Download: Android & iOS

5. Horrorfield


Horrorfield is the perfect team-based multiplayer game with horror settings. Similar to other 1v4 horror games, Horrorfield does offer a heart-pounding experience.

There are over 7 different characters in Horrorfield, you must choose one. Also, the game features 4 different types of psychos, choosing one depends on your role as the killer.

The real deal in Horrofield comes in the communication and coordination among survivors. Furthermore, the game’s atmosphere and detailed visuals add to its overall experience.

Download: Android & iOS

6. The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead - Survivors

One of the best horror games that embrace real-time multiplayer is The Walking Dead: Survivors. Also, it offers a unique twist of strategy set in the iconic world of The Walking Dead.

As the survivor in a post-apocalyptic world, you’ll need to build, fortify, and survive against both zombies and humans. The fact that your enemy isn’t just a common one, adds more intensity.

Some other interesting parts of the game feature forming alliances, building settlements and recruiting characters. The Walking Dead: Survivors is a game that brings players together in real-time multiplayer.

Download: Android & iOS

7. State of Survival

State of Survival

Another game on the list is State of Survival, which is a recommended mobile horror game. If you’re looking for a game where survival depends on strategic planning and cooperation, here’s your go-to option.

Similar to The Walking Dead, the game combines base-building, resource management, and co-op gameplay.

The goal is to survive against the zombies. you’ll get to feel the real intensity once you engage in battles. Furthermore, the smooth controls and nice visuals, make it worth playing.

Download: Android & iOS

8. Undawn


Undawn is one of the best multiplayer horror games targeting both Android and iOS. It is a free-to-play open-world RPG where players need to explore, adapt and survive.

In Undawn, you can create a squad and then scavenge resources and face different threats. One of the notable features is the realistic visuals, bringing a dynamic horror experience.

If you’re looking for an action-packed horror game with multiplayer settings, you should go for this one. The open-world setting will surely let you enjoy more playtime in the game.

Download: Android & iOS

9. Granny’s House

Granny's House

The thrilling experience in Granny’s House adds a different horror setting. Besides, the game features a lot of game modes, ensuring players can enjoy whichever mode they play.

Granny’s House features a gameplay where players will need to escape a mad mansion. Also, the game adds a touch of parkour, allowing jumping on randomly placed obstacles.

You’ll surely love Granny’s House because it doesn’t offer that deep terrifying horror gameplay. Players can explore different game modes, it also offers deep character customization.

Download: Android & iOS

10. Horror Show

Horror Show

Horror Show is an online survival game with the perfect horror multiplayer setting. The classic 1v4 survival gameplay is one of the best you can play. Moreover, there are over 8 different unique characters.

Also, Horror Show does offer different maps where players can explore to survive. You’ll surely love the online gameplay settings, which makes it one of the best.

In addition, Horror Show features unique carnage graphics, making each scenario look more realistic. Lastly, you’ll find this game easy to play, because it’s straightforward.

Download: Android & iOS


The world of multiplayer horror games usually comes with different experiences. That’s why it’s always a good thing to have different options to pick from from puzzle-solving to stealth and strategic approach. It all depends on your preference, but so far so good; the above-mentioned games are the best you’ll come across.


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