There is one thing common among all the Netflix account holders: they share their Netflix passwords with friends and family. Many times, people contribute to buy an account together. All this is done so that binge-watching is fun, entertaining, and cheap for everyone. However, Netflix is aware of this trick and is looking to take some action against it.

Netflix looking to limit password sharing

During its Quarter 3 Earnings interview, Netflix CFO Spencer Neumann hinted that they are monitoring the whole password sharing trick for a long time. This could mean Netflix is planning to limit the number of people you can share your Netflix passwords with. So, the current scenario of unlimited password sharing might be in danger.

Netflix might Limit your Ability to Share your Netflix password
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However, there is no word of any plan or when the plan will take place. In Q3, 2019, Netflix revealed that the streaming service saw addition of around 6.77 million paid subscribers. This resulted in huge profits for the company, and it would be a bad time to make any major changes as it can drive people away.

Why are the suggested change?

Netflix is no fool, and it is aware of the password sharing trick for a long time. However, it hasn’t done anything to regulate the situation. But now it seems that the company is looking to stop this practice. In theory, this step might bring more people who use other people’s accounts.

But users might see this differently. As Netflix is slightly expensive than its competitors. Which might push them to switch to other streaming services. This is a double-edged sword that can go either way. Hence, Netflix needs to be careful in what they decide with Disney soon launching its own streaming platform. Until Netflix takes any action, you can share your Netflix password as much as you want.


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