The Netflix customers are getting some emails related to issues in their account, and it is expected to be a dangerous attempt, regarded as “Phishing”. Here is the Snapshot of that text which they receive in the inbox. It is a precise type of Phishing where suspicious emails used to collect personal data from users.

Netflix Phishing Scam
Image Via Naked Security

The Netflix email scam is chunk shocking as it has been sent to the subscribers and every user of this great streaming service should be attentive of this swindle.

The most recent attack tells the Netflix user, through the suspicious mail, that their account has been “put on hold” and it becomes a very serious issue. Before taking any step, try to contact the company at first through their official mail or telephone number. The message appears,” Hello, we’re having some trouble with your current billing information.

We’ll try again, but in the meantime, you may want to update your payment details.” Before considering any such mail, try to look at the pathetic grammar and silly spelling mistakes which indicates that it is fake mail. Moreover, try to look at the fact that your name is not at all mentioned in the mail, so you don’t have an account with the same company.

Now, the identical version of Netflix is here when the users tap on the link given in the email as the users think that he or she needs to update the information to continue their services with Netflix.

The page appears, after a click on the link, is the second copy of Netflix but not the original one. Here, the customer needs to control their urge. It brings a very pathetic twist as the username and passwords entered by the user, directly received by the suspicious attacker. The entire could be used to access the account and quite harmful for all.

So, in case, you received any such mail, then delete the mail immediately and login into your Netflix account from the official link only. Try to avoid any suspicious mail and links also.


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