Almost everyone keeps a passcode, fingerprint or face unlock for their mobiles. They feel that it is not easy to break their passcode but not now. The situations have changed a lot and it is very easy to break into any kind of mobile with this new hacking tool.

Israeli Hacking Tool is Creepy Indeed

Cellbrite is an Israeli firm which has created a hacking tool. The name of this tool is the Universal Forensic Extraction Device. The company claimed that its device is capable of unlocking any iPhone device running on iOS 7 to iOS 12.3. This includes almost all the latest Apple devices.

New Israeli Hacking Tool Can Break Any iPhone's Passcode
New Israeli Hacking Tool Can Break Any iPhone’s Passcode

From iPhone 4 or 5 to iPhone XS, almost all the iPhones are running on the above-mentioned OS only. Apart from iPhones, the tool is also capable of breaking into Android mobiles too. From Samsung’s flagship mobiles to Xiaomi’s budget mobiles, all are prone to this tool.

The company hasn’t mentioned how this tool is going to work. But they have stated that this tool can be used by the law enforcement agencies.

UFED can bypass the lock of any mobile and gain access to the third party app data of any particular mobile. The company hasn’t mentioned the cost of this device yet.

The announcement of this device has brought a lot of mixed reactions online. While some people are happy about it as it will help in peeping into the criminal’s mobiles, a lot of people are angry about it.

They took Twitter as a platform to voice their opinion. The negative reactions on this product are very common because it will let a third-party person spy on any mobile user.

The mobile phone users are furious about this invention. The reaction of the Israeli government on this tool is yet to be known.


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