The gaming and entertainment giant confirms the biggest hack into its servers in years. The Japanese firm has lost millions of dollars worth of information, including the player’s details, banking IDs, and more. This comes at a time when internet security is becoming a massive issue following COVID-19 based false alerts and malware attacks.

According to top officials, the hackers managed to access login IDs of players, including professionals, and they were all uploaded on public forums. Reddit buzzed with these feeds, and data experts went into a frenzy trying to detect the hacker’s methodology. The NNID account details the players use were all accessible to the hackers, which may not be a huge issue.

Nintendo Switch Online Data Breach
Nintendo Switch Online Data Breach

NNID Accounts For Versatile Use Can Create Problems: Nintendo Officials

However, the fact that some players use their NNID account passwords to perform e-transactions in the Nintendo store makes things worse. Hackers or enthusiasts can access the NNID accounts and use it to derive bank details or transaction IDs of previous purchases. In this way, they can route bank details and access them too.

Nintendo’s data security has never been questioned before, and the fact that hackers managed to access details so quickly raises many eyebrows. However, officials assured that data lost by players and other users would be restored and protected in no time.

Also, victims will be informed over email and reparations, or remunerations will be provided to certain limits if the financial loss of any kind is reported. The press release by Nintendo, initially in Japanese, claimed that the hack would be attended to, and such actions will not happen shortly.

The gaming companies’ performance over the years has slacked following stiff competition from Xbox and Sony. However, it’s internet-based quality control, and data security has always been top-notch.

Source – Independent


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