We all download images for a different purpose from the Internet. All the image files are available in different formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and more. All types of formats can be opened easily, except WebP format. WebP format can’t be opened directly like other image files. Here, we have explained what is WebP images, and also have provided solutions to open this type of image files.

What are WebP Images?

WebP images is an image format developed by Google. It offers a small image file size with good quality photos. This means a WebP image takes less disk space than the other JPG and PNG format. Most of the Google Websites use WebP extension images and this format is supported only in Google Chrome, Opera, and a few other software.

So, what if you have downloaded any one of the images but it is in WebP format, you will not be able to open it on your device. At this time, you need to use the given below methods.

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Best Ways to Open WebP Images on Window 10

A webP image format is available for a long time now, but it is not supported by default in Windows 10. As there is no native support to view the images, you must use the following ways.

Method 1: Download WebP Codec for Windows

To open WebP images on Windows, you can download WebP Codec on your PC and open the images.

  1. Download and Install WebP Codec Setup
  2. Once it is installed, you can easily open the WebP images in your Windows via Windows Photo Viewer.

Method 2: Use Image Glass or 123 Photo Viewer

ImageGlass is a free photo viewer for Windows 10. Almost all types of image formats are supported including WebP. You can download ImageGlass photo viewer for Windows 10 and open WebP images.

123 Photo Viewer also supports many image formats including WebP. Download the photo viewer and start using it to open any type of image. You can get it from Windows 10 Store or click on the given link.

Method 3: Rename WebP to JPG or PNG

You can open WebP images by using the Photos app in Windows 10, but you can’t open it directly. To open the image you need to convert it to JPG or PNG, so, let’s check out how to rename WebP picture to JPG or PNG.

  1. Go to the folder that has a WebP image. Now, click on the View tab in the top Menu bar.
  2. Now, you will see three checkboxes with other items, from which select File name extensions to view all files extensions.
    Click on view and change
  3. Go to the image file WebP and do right-click and select Rename option from the list. Or just select the file and press the F2 key on the keyboard.
  4. Change the WebP file that is seen at the end of the file name to JPG, JPEG, or PNG and press Enter.
    Rename the file
  5. The file is converted to JPEG or PNG, now do right-click on the file and click on Open With, and select Photos app to open the file,

Apart from the Photos app, you can use any image viewer to open the converted pictures.

Method 4: Use Photoscape X

Yes, you can download Photoscape X on your Windows PC and open WebP images easily. First, download the app and install it, open the app and click on the Open option and select the WebP image and then you can save it as JPG, or PNG.

Method 5: Use Chrome, Edge, or Paint in Windows 10

You can also open WebP images in Windows 10 by using Chrome, Edge, or an in-built Paint program.

If you don’t mind installing a free program then you can use Photoscape x, or ImageGlass program.


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