NFL team owners are in the middle of a crisis currently as hackers breached into official Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts of the teams. ESPN officials broke the news to the media hours after this incident occurred. However, they maintained that the hacking was not very alarming and did not cause much damage. In their words, it was a “brief compromisation” of NFL accounts.

Almost all the NFL team accounts were broken into, and the NFL official Twitter account was also hacked. OurMine posted a few updates from these accounts claiming responsibility for the hack. They also did an advertisement for their data security projects and urged people to hire OurMine to secure their servers. This uncanny attitude has earned them appreciation as well as backlash for the online community worldwide.

OurMine Hacking Group Breaks into NFL/UFC's Social Accounts (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook)
OurMine Hacking Group Breaks into NFL/UFC

OurMine Stands By Its Tagline: Everything is Hackable

Data Security is currently a big concern for people globally. Social media servers give the NFL and other team accounts special security status. If these accounts are easily cracked, general people hold no contest at all. ESPN released screenshots from the hacked accounts, which upheld the OurMine motto: “Everything is Hackable.” Previously, ESPN accounts were hacked by the same hacking group.

They took responsibility for that as well. ESPN released an exclusive to BBC about this issue and raised concerns about online security. They urged Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to strengthen their servers so that this incident is not repeated further. However, the way OurMine seems to be breaking into servers every other day, it is indeed tough to predict any optimism.

Khoros, a social media tool, was used to upload tweets and status updates from the hacked NFL accounts. Khoros makes the update locations virtually untrackable, and it becomes impossible to trace the perpetrators.

Source – TheVerge


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