Live streaming video events is now a big market and has steadily grown since the pandemic. There are many excellent options available in the market right now. 

However, today let’s go down memory lane and see one of the popular live-streaming platforms that existed. We are talking about Periscope. The app was developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. 

Before the app even launched, Twitter acquired the platform in 2015. The main idea behind the development was to watch events across the globe as they unfold in real-time. It was a really popular app of its time. However, it was shut down in March 2021 mainly because of poor numbers. 

But now that live streaming is a big thing and people tune in to watch live streams, many excellent Periscope alternatives are available. 

Today, we list some of the best Periscope alternatives and best live video streaming apps. If you are a creator who likes to broadcast events in real-time, check out the list. 

Best Periscope Alternatives

1. Twitch

Twitch is easily one of the world’s biggest and best live-streaming platforms. It is so popular because it is the only platform where you can watch, create, and interact with live content.

While the platform is primarily used by gamers to stream games, you can use it to stream live videos, music performances, talk shows, and much more. 

Even for content consumers, Twitch is pretty well-optimized. They can easily find whatever they like and start watching. With millions of active users on the platform, it is a go-to choice for many creators for live streams. 

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2. Facebook Live

If you are an average user who wants to experience what it is like to live-stream an event, Facebook Live is an ideal place to start. It is one of the best Periscope alternatives, as the platform is completely free. 

You can start a live stream straight up from your mobile device, or you can also stream from a computer desktop or webcam. The platform supports HD streams for free, so you can give users videos of high quality.

Another nifty feature of the platform is that you can live stream in either portrait or landscape mode, depending on your preference. 

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3. Twitter Live

Twitter acquired Periscope in 2015 and then shut it down in 2021. While the platform didn’t last long, Twitter ensured the live-streaming options stayed. 

It is a simple yet interactive live streaming platform where you can live stream and interact with your audience with hearts and comments. Because of its wide user base, there are a lot of choices to watch. 

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4. LinkedIn Live

If you think you can provide value in the professional world, utilize the LinkedIn Live feature. As a user, you can do many engaging presentations with this feature.

Since this is aimed at businesses, you will find many live-streaming events related to product launches, Q&A sessions with company executives, and more. 

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5. StreamYard

For people with a professional use case and want a live streaming platform for streaming, webinars, and interviews, StreamYard is an excellent choice. The platform has nifty features for live broadcasting.

This platform allows you to stream from popular social media sites like YouTube, Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, and more. 

Custom layouts and themes allow you to create your branding, which can be essential for many brands. The platform works great with essential features like screen sharing and file uploading. While it does have a free plan, upgrading to the paid one will unlock many cool features. 

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6. YouTube Live

There’s hardly a person who is reading this article and hasn’t used YouTube. It is the biggest video platform in the world.

YouTube also has a live streaming option called YouTube live. In the last three years, creators have used the feature extensively to provide entertaining content to their viewers. 

The best thing is that you can easily do live streams from your phone, laptop, or computer. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to use the platform.

Despite being free, the platform comes with many advanced streaming options. 

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7. Vimeo

Next up on the list is Vimeo, and this is also a pretty good Periscope alternative. It is quite superior to Periscope in many aspects. Firstly, the platform comes with an app for smartphones. So you can use it on your mobile device and your PC. 

Vimeo’s API also allows users to upload videos directly to the platform. One of the best things about the platform is that it is beginner friendly. So make sure to check it out. 

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8. Livestream

If you want to take things to a more professional level with your live stream, check out Livestream. With an obvious name, this platform comes with one of the best live-streaming solutions in the market.

The platform is a go-to choice for many as it can easily accept inputs from cameras, smartphones, webcams, and camcorders.

It also connects you with the audience by offering many media players, video tools, sharing features, and embedding options. There is also a chat feature that boosts engagement. This is a paid platform with some affordable entry prices. So make sure to check out the pricing. 

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