PlayStations are becoming famous from the past years throughout the market. Now, one more exceedingly anticipated game has been leaked out by the Twitter Leakster. The price and the release date of the PlayStation 5 have discovered by PSErebus for this console. The person follows all the pattern set by Sony in the past few years for the release of PlayStation.

However, the PlayStation 4 of Sony was dropped first in North America on November 15th 2013, and after that, it was released on November 29th in Europe. So, it is estimated that European has their hands on the upcoming PlayStation 5 by the end of the month.

PlayStation 5 Launch Date and Price Have Leaked via Twitter Leakster
Credit: LetsGoDigital

Along with this latest news, it is also reported that the launch date will be 20th November 2020 in North America. Now, the die-hard players have to wait for a whole year, and more details will be shared by the conference that will be taken place in July.

“The launch of PlayStation 5 (PS5) by the Sony Interactive Entertainment in different nations during the holiday sessions in the forthcoming year 2020 and will be available in North America by the November 20th, 2020 at a recommended retail price (RRP) of $449, “tweeted by PSErebus.

If talking about the last price of the console, which is $349.99 in the United Kingdom and the United States, it is $399.99, which means that the players need to invest more on PS5.

Further, it was quite the shocking news that the presence of Sony was missed at E3 2019, which is the most giant gaming reunion of the world. But the chairman of Sony Entertainment Television, Shawn Layden, said,” Just because PlayStation is not at E3 2019 doesn’t mean we won’t be there in 2020.”

PlayStation 5 Images Leaked:

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5


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