Scammers are hiding their true identities as The Elder Scrolls Online developers. They are engaging themselves in sending personal Playstation private messages. These messages say that your account will be banned if you don’t plug in your bank details.

Anyone who plays online games, especially shooters and MMORPGs, know a great deal about how users are evicted from games when they are suspected of engaging in cheating. Getting you to account back after it has been banned is an arduous ordeal.

PlayStation Phishing Scam
Image Via PixaBay

In new spurge of illegal affairs on Reddit, scammers are calling themselves Elder Scrolls Online developers and scaring users by popping messages that the account violates the game’s Terms of Service or asking for bank account details. However, people forget that if in case such a situation arises a company will directly contact you by emails and not take this route

Know What To Do To Prevent These Phishing Scams

Here are a few points to take note of:-

  1. No one will ever ask for your password. Disregard any emails or calls or messages that ask of you, your password. Ignore and mark as spam all suspicious activity.
  2. Companies take time, and no one will give you such a short window of 15 minutes as these spammers are stating
  3. One must always use 2-factor authentication (2FA) on their account. This will keep you safer as without the code you won’t be able to get in even with the password.
  4. Enter only from the site and put in your credentials there.
If we face the dark reality, phishing won’t go away as it is a lucrative business for phishing experts and scammers. So it will be wise to maintain security protocols and engage in the same to keep your account safe and your money intact.


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