The US President Donald Trump has met with the tech CEOs of US-based companies like Google and Broadcom on Monday. The meeting was arranged to discuss the trade practices and other national security issues. There were so many other companies that participated in this meeting along with Google and Broadcom.

The main topic that was discussed in the meeting was Huawei. The ban on Huawei and then lifting it, everything has made an impact on the US-based companies and Trump discussed them.

White House stated that the Meeting was Constructive

White House released a press meet stating that the meeting was constructive. The usage of Chinese equipment and its side effects has been a common point in the meeting. Total seven CEOs took part in this discussion. The executives have requested to give timely licensing decisions when it comes to Huawei.

President Trump Met Tech CEOs To Discuss About Huawei War
President Trump Met Tech CEOs To Discuss Huawei War

According to the sources, the President agreed to it. From May there have been tense situations between both Huawei and the US as Trump banned the company from doing business with any US-based organizations.

But later the terms were softened a bit. Intel and Micron had a talk with media after the meeting while the remaining companies remained silent. A spokesperson from Intel stated that they usually have such meetings with the administration from time to time. The company is happy with other organizations engaging in these meetings. The effect of the current trade situation with China was the main point in the meeting.

Mehrotra, a Micron spokesperson stated that they have so many topics that affect the technology development of America. So many other officials from White House also took part in this meeting along with Trump administration members. Trump has always ensured to have a strong relationship with Silicon Valley.


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