Reddit confirms moving personal chats to archives amid users frustrated about missing their old chats from the DM section this week.

The platform reasoned this havoc by introducing a new chat architecture that needs to pull down the older ones for a smooth transition. Though this change took effect on June 30th, Reddit failed to inform users directly, resulting in the backlash.

Reddit’s New Chat Architecture

Over the last couple of months, Reddit is facing a massive backlash from the community due to its API pricing changes – which make it unaffordable for third-party apps relying on Reddit. Though many have protested in several ways, Reddit continued with the change.

And just when we thought it was settling down, the platform was hit with another criticism- removing old chats this week. Reddit is working on a new chat architecture to replace the existing system, including moving your old chats to archives!

This triggered the community, as Reddit failed to inform them properly. Though the platform noted this change in internal notes, it didn’t notify the users directly (through a notification or an email), frustrating users when they realised all their chats were missing.

Reddit confirms this change again and says it is to enable a “smooth and quick transition” to the new architecture. This must be hard for those with good memories in personal chats and realise them missing now. Well, Mashable notes you can still recover them by requesting your account data from Reddit through an online form.

The archive dump you will receive may include conversations from before 2023, letting you preserve them elsewhere. And if you think this is frustrating, Reddit is hot water for removing the coin rewarding system earlier this week.

Starting September 12th, no one can purchase the coins, and all awards on Reddit, as the platform said this approach leads to “clutter” and provides content that some don’t believe is all that valuable. Well, Reedit is working on a replacement system that’s simpler and more direct.