Before discussing the channels, let’s see what ‘Roku’ actually is. It is a digital video player which streams all this awesome content straight to your TV over the internet from Netflix, Amazon, and so on. Unlike your traditional cable service, Roku allows you to watch Netflix, and it’s relatively cheaper than your traditional cable or satellite television package.

If you love to watch entertainment on your terms, Roku channels are the best option. Stream exclusive TV Shows & Movies on your TV with a plethora of Roku channels. This article elaborates on all the free Roku sports channels that you can use to enhance your entertainment.

List of Best Free Roku Channels to Watch Sports

With Roku Players & channels, you can watch all those sports channels which are not available in your country. So if you are a sports lover, we are sure you will love these Roku sports channels list.

1. NBC Sports

NBC SportsNBC sports channel has it all. From the latest premier league game to NHL & Golf Coverage. If you are trying to watch NBC Sports from outside the USA, you’ll be blocked from accessing the channel.

NBC sports users Geo blocks to ensure only people residing in the USA can view their content. With a VPN, you can move your IP address to a US city, but you still won’t be able to watch NBC sports live Streams. For this, you need a US cable TV or streaming provider subscription. In this case, Roku solves this problem.

Download NBC Sports

2. FuboTV

FuboTVIt is one of the top streaming services that offer many live sports events, and they have a lot of high content in high definition. The targeted audience for FuboTV is those people who enjoy soccer.

Enjoy the live streaming of soccer anytime you want. Fubo Tv provides you with multiple options of sports channels which you can select according to your choice like soccer, baseball, racing, tennis, rugby, etc.

Download Fubo Tv

3. WWE Network

WWE NetworkYou get full access to WWE Network. You can watch 205 Live, the exclusive cruiserweight show, full raw smackdown videos, Airings of NXT every week or the day after it airs on USA Network and NXT UK, plus several featured series.

Apart from this, You’ll also get access to the archives of all the libraries that WWE owns, including WCW and WWE Monday nitro, every single episode and many more.

Download WWE Network

4. NBA Channel

NBA ChannelIf you don’t like interruptions like unnecessary ads while watching your favorite show like Basketball, then the NBA channel is the best option. You are not required to pay any money, so this is entirely free. Watch your favorite basketball player’s statistics, performance, and highlights anytime on the NBA channel.

Download NBA Channel

5. WatchESPN

WatchESPNThe ESPN app must download live stream games on your phone when you are not at home for sports lovers. It gives you access to view on-demand videos and track scores and stats for all the teams and leagues you love.

The layout of this application is straightforward. Once you log in, it shows you a scrolling stream of popular videos, either live sporting events or coverage of past events. You can also navigate the ESPN channel to watch the live stream from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU & ESPNEWS. Overall the Watch ESPN app is intuitive to use and is an excellent value for your time.

Download Watch ESPN

6. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TVIf you are a big fan of the X Games, you are going to love RedBull TV. Red Bull TV offers long-form content, no pre-roll ads, live events, music, culture, and Sports. Not only do they have a lot of upcoming events of live streams, but they also have 91 past events available. From short clips to long-form content, they provide everything.

You can find all kinds of shows like Snowboarding, Racing, BMX and so on. The content offered by Redbull Tv is of super quality. If you hate pre-roll ads, then Red Bull TV is the best app for you to watch sports.

Download Red Bull Tv

7. CBS Sports

CBS SportsCBS Sports offers live streams of sports 24*7. You get Highlights, Analysis, and all the content at zero cost. This channel has become a lot more valuable because of the free channel functionality.

You’re cutting the cord, and if you like sports, you should watch this. It’s pretty handy, and it’s something that gives you daily updates on what’s happening around sports. CBS Sports provides buffering-free content with High-Quality videos.

Download CBS Sports

8. BT Sport

BT SportBT Sport provides you with the best Highlights from their shows and documentaries. You will feel closer to the big names involved in sports. With BT, you will not miss any moment from Premier League, UFC, MotoGP, European Football & many more. The best thing I like about BT Sports is having a universe-view experience with BT Sport.

Download BT Sports

9. MLB

MLBThrough MLB, you can watch live baseball games on the player, and up to seven days of past games are archived so that you can watch any time you want with fast-forward & rewind options.

You will also get replays of every regular season and postseason game in the previous seasons. It is available to all Roku customers. In addition, MLB TV shows all out-of-market games, so this streaming service is for you if you’re a Dodgers fan.

Download MLB

10. FOX Sports

FOX SportsIt is a very known name in the field of the sports broadcast industry. If you love to watch sports, you already know about FOX Sports, where you can stream sports like MLB, WWE, Boxing, NFL, NASCAR, College Football, Soccer, and more.

It is your luck that it is available on the Roku platform too. So you can see a match or game highlights. Also, It offers you FS1 Studio Shows where you can see opinions and debates regarding sports from Top people.

Download FOX Sports


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