During its second Unpacked event today, Samsung announced a couple of apps coming to Watch 6 Series, with Amazon’s Audible being one of them.

Audible is already available on Apple Watch, so it’s bound to make an entry to the WearOS one day. Though Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 and Pixel Watch are the first to receive them, there’s no timeline on when they’ll appear. This aside, Samsung also teased the introduction of Gmail and WhatsApp apps on Watch 6 soon.

Audible App on Watch 6 Series

One of the many things that Samsung talked about at its Unpacked event today is WearOS, where the smartwatch software is adding support for two utility apps soon – Audible and Gmail.

While there’s no specific timeline for either of them, Samsung promised to add Audible soon to its Watch 6 library of apps. The company unveiled this new generation of smartwatches – Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, alongside Galaxy Tab S9 Series, Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 today.

These smartwatches come with Wear OS 4, which Google pledged to bring more apps. Additionally, Samsung today teased a glimpse of WhatsApp running on Watch 6, but that has no launch timeline, too.

Amazon’s Audible, on the other hand, is already available on Apple’s WatchOS. The smartwatch version of the app allows users to stream content, download it for offline use, and handle playback through headphones. Hopefully, all these will be available in the other smartwatches soon.