Samsung is reportedly making a new foldable display for Apple – although it’s unknown whether it’s for a foldable iPhone or a MacBook.

This comes from the SID Review Workshop in Seoul, where an image revealed that the South Korean giant is working to make a foldable display tech for Apple. Both the OEMs are arc rivals in the field of technology, yet they depend on each other in some cases to lead through.

Apple’s Upcoming Foldable Device

Though Apple and Samsung compete aggressively in the consumer tech space, they often rely on each other for mutual growth. While Apple needs Samsung’s display technology, the latter needs the former order to cash on.

In this pursuit, Samsung is reportedly making a foldable display for Apple, although it’s unknown to which product it’s needed for. While it’s most likely for a new Apple-branded foldable product, some suggest it could be for a new MacBook.

More information on this says the new foldable technology will bring more durability to the screens, making them impact-proof to increase their resistance. This will hopefully put Apple in a good place in the current foldable market, but the OEM still hasn’t launched any suitable product yet.

SID Review Workshop
SID Review Workshop

May it wait for the foldable market to mature more and release a relevant product to counter the current players, led by Samsung primarily. But again, it’s also “necessary” for Apple to commercialize a foldable product, that could lead to the success of the whole market.

This aside, we should wait to see whether Apple will use this new foldable display in its MacBooks or iPhones. The South Korean company is already a reliable display supplier to Apple, and is powering over 70% of the OLED panels used in the iPhone 14 series.