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Simpsons World Closes Down: Shifts To Disney+

It was much evidence that the Simpsons World would not be any longer available when Disney+ claimed the streaming rights. However, who would have thought that it will happen so fast. All 661 episodes have been moved to Disney+ which doesn’t get as many views as it should.

The show though is accessible to a wide range of people even without a cable subscription, still, it will get some time getting used to as the pricing patterns do vary. FX Networks had been telling that this would happen as soon as DisneyPlus launched and it finally happened on Tuesday.

What is The Hype All About?

Simpsons World Closes Down: Shifts To Disney+
Simpsons World Closes Down: Shifts To Disney+

The hype was building up for long. Disney Plus is also a premium service where people have to pay $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. Moreover, the feature that is unique is that all the episodes are streamed with a 16:9 aspect ratio only with options for tweaking that to be made available later in late 2020. However, the Simpsons doesn’t have any extra added bonus features such as audio commentary and the like in Fox movie DVD sets

The move is a tactical one and a part of Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox and Fox Television in a $71.3 billion dollar deal. Those are some serious figures. This is all in a bid to compete with the other streaming giants like DC universe and Marvel and Netflix.

Hence people who are addicted to living with the Simpsons need to switch to DisneyPlus soon as all episodes have been shifted and will no longer be available. Things have moved very fast and people need to catch up as better quality viewing is awaiting them on the cards even without a cable subscription. Fantastic isn’t it? Only time and figures will tell what is in store next


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