We all know original games are expensive and not everyone can afford them. This is when many people shift to downloading pirated game copies or getting cheap game keys online.

Pirated game copies always have risks, and when buying cheap game keys, you will make sure that the seller is genuine and has good customer reviews.

Many people opt for G2A to buy game keys at low prices. Not only game keys, gaming services, and gift cards are available on G2A. However, G2A doesn’t have a good name in the community because of this; users always look for better alternatives with a better reputation to spend money without worrying about anything. 

You will find many sites on the internet from where you can get game keys. If you are here looking for the best sites like G2A, where you can get the best deals on the games you are looking for, then you are at the right place. 

Best Sites Like G2A in 2023

Finding game keys at a cheap price is easy with G2A, but if you are looking for sites that are similar to G2A, then we have mentioned them below-

1. Eneba

EnebaThe first site on this list is Eneba, where you can find great deals on game keys. It is simply a marketplace listing all the sellers selling game keys cheaply. Moreover, you will get almost all the games (especially the popular ones) on this site. 

The best part about using Eneba is the filtering of fraud keys. Eneba filters out all the sellers who have listed fraud keys, so you can be sure you will find genuine sellers on this site. 

2. CDKeys

Is CDKeys Legit to Buy Game KeysCDKeys is also a good alternative to G2A that you can consider going for. However, unlike the previous site we listed in this article, CDKeys lists game keys independently instead of selling keys from outside sellers. 

CDKeys also offer a 7 days return policy, so you can return the unused key within 7 days of the purchase. You will find PC and Xbox Live games, PSN, and Nintendo games. 

3. Kinguin

KinguinWhen it comes to buying game keys from third-party sellers then, Kinguin is a popular choice. On Kinguin, various third-party sellers list game keys on this site. However, you must be safe from fraud sellers on this site. 

Even if you buy fraud keys, the Kinguin support team will help you with a refund or the genuine key. You can also buy Kinguin Buyer Protection which offers features like setting priority when contacting the support team and a money-back guarantee if you get a pre-owned game when you buy random games. 

4. Gamivo 

Gamivo Another site that is also a huge marketplace for buying game keys at a cheap price is Gamivo. You will find various third-party sellers listing games at low prices. You will get great discounts on this site, which is the best part. 

Not only this, but most of the game keys that are available on this site are legal. Also, they have good reviews of sellers on their site. They also offer a VIP subscription with which you can get exclusive discounts on their site. 

5. SCDKey

SCDKeySCDKey has a similar name CDKeys; just like the name, they have similar functionalities and features. However, the thing to note is that SCDKey only sells PC games and you won’t find games for any other platforms. 

Compared to other sites, fewer games are available than other sites on this list. You will get the game key within 15 minutes of the purchase. 

6. GreenManGaming

GreenManGamingGreenManGaming is also a good site that you could consider going for if you are looking to purchase game keys at a lower price. You will find more than 6600 games on this site. The games on this site are available for multiple platforms. 

You can buy AAA games at a cheap price on this website. The site has a good customer rating, so you can be assured it is safe to use. Moreover, it is easy to search for games on this site. 

7. GamersGate

GamersGateGamersGate has a vast library of games in various categories, including simulators, sports, shooting, adventure, and more. You can get around 90% discount on most of the games on this site. 

GamersGate has its currency called Bluecoins which you can use to buy games. The best part about this currency is you can win it as a reward each time you buy something from the site or get it through a referral. 

8. DL Gamer

DL GamerIt is another great site for getting games at a cheap price. They have a wide selection of games of almost all categories at low prices. You will find almost all the AAA games on this site. 

They have games on different platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, you will find games for Steam, Origin, GOG CD keys, and UPlay. You can expect great discounts on games that you buy from this site. 

9. GOG

Good Old Games (GOG)You can also get games at low prices on GOG (earlier called Good Old Games). It is easier to search for games on this site. You can filter the game with features, languages, prices, etc. They have a lot of games listed on their site that you can buy. 

You can expect good discounts on the games that you are looking for. You can find some titles that you can play directly on the site.  

10. Games Rocket

Games RocketAnother site we want to list in this article is Games Rocket. The site is quite old and reliable when it comes to buying games. You can find deals for most indie games within 24 hours. 

You will find digital copies of the game, which means you will instantly get the games as soon as you buy them. They have good customer reviews, so you can trust them for genuine products and services. In terms of services, the site is like G2A. 

Final Words

If you have been looking for best sites like G2A, refer to the list above. We have mentioned all the alternatives to G2A that you can use for buying game keys and different game services and products at cheap prices. 


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