Micro jobs are more like taking an online job that pays daily without any special requirements attached. It’s a way of earning extra income aside from your main jobs, and if you don’t have one. Spending time on a site like Microworkers isn’t a bad choice after all, we all need money.

When it comes to making money online, Microworkers has been a go-to platform for most people. On this website, one could take jobs that’ll fetch nothing less than $10 and more. What makes it cool is that it could be 5 or 10 jobs a day, depending on the user’s profile.

What if you’d consider keeping your Microworker account and also have an extra one on a different platform? Well, that proves to be a smart move towards doubling your income and that’s why you need websites like Microworkers that work. In this article, we’ve handpicked the best out of them.

Best Websites Like Microworkers to Earn Money Via Micro Jobs

On these sites, you’ll get micro tasks relating to app testing, answering surveys and a lot more. Also, getting paid comes with no stress as you can use gift cards or PayPal transfer methods.

1. Remotasks

When looking for a legit micro-task site, Remotasks is said to be one of the best out there. This website is quite popular due to how it brings a unique approach to micro-tasks by adding AI training.

Remotasks offers a way to earn extra income while working from home. Also, there are different micro-tasks available for users of all levels.

Some of the notable tasks include data analysis, image annotation and much more. The pay rate from Remotasks is one of the best. While making money on this platform isn’t rocket science, it takes time but is worth it.

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2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, most times referred to as MTurk, is one of the top giants in the micro job space. This platform connects Turkers with those who need outsourcing for different tasks.

One of the key takeouts of MTurk is its vast user base and extensive task categories, which makes it quite easier for Turkers to find the perfect task based on their experiences.

Whether you’re hoping to get tasks relating to content creation, data verification and so on. Amazon Mechanical Turk makes it easier to find high-paying micro jobs. Also, it integrates with the Amazon ecosystem, adding more accessibility.

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3. Clickworker

Task variety and flexibility are one reason why Clickworker has been a top alternative to Microworkers. Another deciding factor is the platform’s user-friendly interface which allows choosing tasks based on skills and interests.

There’s just one downside to using Clickworker, your location matters. Well, that’s because there are limited jobs available and if you’re not within the supported regions for that task, it’ll be gone.

Aside from losing out on jobs, Clickworker ensures there’s always a task for everyone. In addition, payments are made per task; there are no scary requirements to get started on Clickworker.

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4. Appen

Appen has made itself a standout micro-task website due to its enormous global outreach unlike other websites where you’ll be restricted due to your region. This one ensures you can make money regardless of your location.

Similar to most micro job websites, Appen covers a variety of micro-tasks. You’ll find high-paying tasks like app testing, surveys, content moderation and so much more.

In terms of pay rates, Appen pays per hour on a completed task. Also, some tasks might go a few weeks and even up to a month. This platform is great, but sometimes the pay might be low.

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5. Swagbucks

Undoubtedly one of the most recognized side hustle apps, Swagbucks makes micro jobs much easier. If you want to make extra bucks working from home or anywhere, you should try this platform.

With Swagbucks, you can earn a couple of dollars by completing tasks, answering surveys and other online activities. Unlike other websites where you’ll be rewarded with money, Swagbucks rewards with points.

These points are called SB Points and can be converted to real money once accumulated enough. With access to tasks such as watching videos or participating in daily challenges. Swagbucks has made itself one of the top sites like Microworkers.

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6. RapidWorkers

Another alternative to Microworkers that is worth trying is RapidWorkers. If you need a platform that focuses more on quick micro tasks and swift payments, this should be your go-to option.

There’s a reason why RapidWorkers is highly recommended, that’s due to its straightforward approach to online tasks. Besides, it has proven to be a website designed for efficiency.

As a user, you can browse quick tasks and get paid upon completion. Moreover, the friendly interface ensures everyone gets a hassle-free experience when sourcing out for jobs.

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7. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is one of the known websites like Microworkers that take professionalism seriously. With a smooth approach towards connecting workers and businesses, everyone gets what they want.

While tasks vary from translation to content creation, search engine evaluation and much more, the pay rate is one of the best you’ll come across, it goes from $3 minimum to $20.

There’s just one thing about Lionbridge, you have to go into details when creating an account. Furthermore, the website has a transparent policy where everyone feels a glimpse of safety.

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8. Gigwalk

While most sites like Microworkers have always been about remote jobs. Gigwalk offers both on-site and remote tasks. Users can find quick, location-based tasks with a juicy pay rate.

From local surveys to mystery shopping, Gigwalk connects users with businesses needing on-the-ground assistance. Furthermore, its focus on location-based tasks makes it unique among micro job platforms.

Gigwalk has a strict policy on professionalism, which ensures taskers meet the suitable candidate to get the job done. Lastly, the website has an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to navigate.

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Finding websites like Microworkers doesn’t always come easy and that’s because there are plenty of options. Most times people just go to random platforms and end up not getting paid or taskers being scammed. The sites like Microworkers mentioned above are verified to work perfectly.


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