Are you ready to do a side hustle and make extra money? Well, the side hustle is not as easy as pie. You might need dedication, determination, and the ability to work consistently. But all effort pays off in the end.

If you have already decided to dive into the hustling and bustling world online, this is the post you need. After some research and testing, we have finalized the best side hustle apps for Android and iPhone.

Few apps might require a specific skill, while others may not. Even you can make a lot of money through these side hustle apps.

Best Side Hustle Apps for Android and iOS

Only authentic apps will pay you. Many apps are freely available in the market but don’t pay after completing the task. Here are the best free and reliable side hustle apps to avoid all online fraud.

1. InboxDollars


Here’s InboxDollars, a well-known side hustle app that pays you real money without proper skill. To get paid, you have to complete surveys in your free time. A little effort can earn you extra cash.

According to the developer, they have paid $57 million in cash rewards to their members since 2000. Take immediate action with InboxDollar to play with its daily activities and points.

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2. Rover


Do you love dogs and are passionate about taking care of them? Then, the Rover is the app that can fill your pocket and mind simultaneously. You have to give dog sitter and walker services to your nearby client.

You don’t rely on anything if you need extra cash. Rover will be a significant consideration for a side hustle.

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3. Swagbucks


This is another great option for those who don’t have much time for a side hustle. You can earn money with Swagbucks in very little time.

You will earn points by completing tasks and surveys. Even you can play games inside the app. You can also surf any website from it for a few points. All earned points will be converted into real money to withdraw. Overall, Swagbucks can be an excellent way to hustle secretly.

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4. Fiverr


Fiverr is one of the best side hustle apps in the online world. It could be an ideal place to start off if you have proper skills like designing, writing, editing, and proofreading.

There are many gigs available that don’t require any specific skill. Since it is a global marketplace, you can start using it from anywhere. Download the app today and explore the biggest side-hustling app in your palm.

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5. Etsy


Another international online marketplace where buyers meet sellers securely. Etsy normally builds connections between vintage and creative product creators and potential buyers. But you can start as a side hustle.

Using Etsy, you can start selling digital products such as infographics, designs, e-books, etc. I have seen many people who use Etsy as a side income source. Create a digital store on it and scale it on a level, simple.

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6. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex

Hands down, Amazon Flex is a pretty trusted website for starting a side hustle. It might require a little dedication to start, but it is super simple to do. You will deliver packages for Amazon, and they will pay accordingly.

Amazon Flex pays delivery drivers around $18–$25 per hour. The most important thing is that you can start anytime you want. You can also select preferred blocks to cover for delivery packages.

Visit: Amazon Flex

7. Doordash


DoorDash is another side-hustling app for Android and iOS that allows you to earn some side income along with your full-time job. It is a food delivery network that offers flexible job time for anyone.

To start DoorDash, you need just a reliable vehicle. The app is more like Uber Eats. You can earn money on a base salary, with tips and incentives.

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8. Shopify


If you have something to sell, you can build a proper online store to sell it to potential buyers. Even you can start as a part-timer.

All you have to do is build an e-commerce store, upload images of your products, write a description of the product, and set a price, and you are done. Your product will be ready to ship all over the world.

However, Shopify is not free at all. You have to swipe your card to start off with Shopify and use its exclusive features.

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9. Airbnb


Who doesn’t know about Airbnb today? Airbnb is another online marketplace where it makes connections between property owners and travelers.

Whenever someone purchases the rent from the Airbnb of your space, you will start making money. It works like a charm nowadays. Because we all want cost-effective travel accommodations, we could spend more money on other stuff.

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10. OfferUp

0ffer up

In the last, we have another online marketplace called OfferUp. Using OfferUp, you can sell used items for extra cash. It is not a proper hustling app where you can use your skills. But we are still considering the app because it can give an extra pad on your wallet.

You can list any item on OfferUp within 30 seconds. Selling unique products can also help you build a reputation.

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Final Words

So this is our best side hustle app for Android and iOS that you can take action quickly. Select Fiverr if you have a skill. Swagbucks and InboxDollar are perfect for an idle. Etsy and Shopify are ideal choices if you have a product to sell. Let me know which app you are willing to use for extra cash.


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